How To Overcome Physician Burnout

Below are the common complaints we hear from people who are looking to select a different EHR vendor:

  • Not user-friendly
  • Interferes with patient relationship
  • Insufficient clinical value
  • Too many clicks or too much time spent documenting
  • Slow, inefficient workflows and software

Four Ways To Combat EHR-Caused Physician Burnout

As we wrap up 2019, we are looking at the critical aspects of an EHR that can make or break physician satisfaction. Stanford’s recent survey of over 500 PCPs reported that 7 of 10 providers believe EHRs significantly contribute to physician burnout. What is it about EHRs that contribute to burnout?

1.  Cloud-based software

The expectation of the ability to access clinical data anytime, anywhere is made possible with cloud-based EHR systems. From being able to chart at home, to natural disasters and emergency situations, providers are seeing the benefits of leveraging cloud-based EHRs. Additionally, as consumer technology as a whole moves towards subscription based models, physicians are much more comfortable with the price point and the ability to relinquish security burdens to the professionals.

2.  Interoperability

Moving beyond viewing EHRs as “data storage” and instead as a clinical tool is critical. Accessing outside data and sending data to collaborating physicians turns local data into useful clinical insights. 67 percent of Stanford’s polled physicians agree that solving interoperability should be a top priority over the next decade. At Azalea, we released AzaleaONE™, to enable the seamless flow of clinical data from the practice to the hospital (and vice versa) with the click of a button. This type of clinical visibility will help providers deliver better care, knowing they have access to the most up to date information.

3.  Reducing the administrative burden by capturing data as you chart

Not all EHRs are created equal, and one of the most telling differentiators these days is whether the EHR is ONC Certified. Not only does having a certified EHR allow practices to take full advantage of government incentives and avoid penalties that could drastically impact their insurance payments, but it can actually help reduce some manual work. For instance, within Azalea EHR, using structured data on a chart enables practices to pull reports that can be used for quality and regulatory reporting. How To Select An EHR Vendor

4.  EHRs that pump up your practice’s bottom line

Beyond ONC Certified EHR Technology revenue gains mentioned above, there are many features that can be tied to improved revenue or decreased practice costs, such as:
    • Appointment reminders = decreased no-show rates One study shows, each empty hour costs providers $200.
    • Patient engagement = recalling patients for routine care or follow-up visits With Azalea Health, practices can run reports and message patients from within the EHR/patient portal.
    • Online patient payments = shorter revenue cycles and increased payments Bills paid by mail decreases with each generation. 61% of millenials pay online versus 15% by mail.
  • Automated coding capabilities = avoid undercoding or missed billing opportunities Research reflects 27% of cases are under coded; this is missed revenue!
  • Integrated RCM services = increased average reimbursement per visit Azalea has seen customers recoup more than $10 per visit!
And let’s not forget, patients expectations directly affect patient satisfaction, which impacts the practice’s bottom line. A recent Black Book survey revealed that 89 percent of patients under 40 were dissatisfied with their hospital’s technology capabilities. Patients expect complete health record access, electronic provider communication and telehealth options. 84 percent of patients polled specifically reported seeking the most technologically advanced physicians.

2020- Now is the time!

As we start 2020, take a moment to think about your New Year’s Resolutions and your EHR wishlist. Don’t settle for the myth that all providers are dissatisfied with their EHR, and therefore you should be too. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonial page to hear from our happy customers on how an EHR can truly be easy to use, affordable, and drive revenue to the bottom line.



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