Rethink Revenue Cycle Management

Managing revenue for any healthcare provider is overwhelming, so we developed a better way. From claims submissions to denials management, let our dedicated and fully-certified billers help you accelerate revenue growth, reduce overhead spending, minimize denials and claims, and deliver complete visibility into your practice’s performance.


Azalea Health RCM performs up to 20% better than the MGMA industry standard for average days outstanding of A/R.


We stay up to date on the latest regulatory developments and reimbursement standards, so you don’t need to.


Our U.S.-based team of dedicated and fully-certified billers have expertise in more than 30 specialties.


Submit claims 5-7 days faster and resolve over 98% of claims on the first submission with Azalea’s RCM services.


Azalea Health’s RCM billing services get money back in the door with effective backend support that helps everyone get paid.


Our RCM isn't just a service, it’s a partnership. Our team helps with KPI and goal setting, performance reviews, and advice on how to increase collections.

Simplify Your RCM Process

With Azalea Health, the “M” in “RCM” should stand for “mastery.”  Our proven processes drive real revenue growth while reducing overhead and denials. Download the datasheet to learn our RCM services can help you take control and build clinic resilience.

A Service for Everyone

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Optimize Your Clinic with Azalea Analytics

With clear and sophisticated reports, Azalea Analytics can help your clinic set aside manual spreadsheets so you can focus on improving operations—leading to higher profitability and improved population health. Azalea Analytics is included with our RCM services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical billing software is used by healthcare facilities to track patient visit information, from registration to the final payment of a balance. This process is known as revenue cycle management (RCM). RCM services are the partnering of a third party to facilitate the billing process, often resulting in increased returns, lower denials, and faster payment turn around.

Azalea’s reward winning RCM services include claim scrubbing & submission, reimbursement accounting, denials & appeals, accounts receivable management, patient collections, account maintenance, financial &  operational business intelligence, detailed & custom reporting, Analytics, KPIs, & feedback program.

EHR, telehealth and Azalea Analytics are all included when you become an Azalea RCM client. Not only do you get award winning RCM services, you get award winning EHR and Analytics software at no added cost.

A free RCM analysis is the auditing of a medical billing system to find optimizations that increase revenue, raise profitability, reduce billing time, lower denials, and more. Azalea offers free RCM services analysis, fill out the form below for more information.

A revenue cycle management service provides pre-authorization and verification of eligibility, transcription of services rendered into billable action, claim submissions, denial management, payments, analytic evaluation, and quality reporting.

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