Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

The healthcare revenue cycle process is complex and stressful.

Our revenue cycle consultants bring expertise in nearly 30 specialties and knowledge on the latest regulatory developments, coding requirements, reimbursement rules and standards.

Grow Your Healthcare Practice with Azalea RCM

Bill More. Collect Faster.


Perform 15-20% better than MGMA industry standard for average days outstanding of A/R


Submit claims 5-7 days faster


Successfully adjudicate 98%+ of claims submitted on the first submission

“I would say that Azalea has honestly been a Godsend. It not only saved my practice when it needed it to be saved, it has allowed me to grow and grow and grow.”

Comprehensive Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services

Faster payments, more revenue, greater financial stability with Azalea’s complete healthcare billing services. Your accounts receivable functions are covered, including:

  • Electronic claims submission
  • Reimbursement accounting
  • Denials management
  • Patient invoicing
  • Collections
  • Detailed billing reports
  • Physician contracting
  • Credentialing

Azalea Simplifies The Healthcare RCM Process

  • Real revenue growth – Effective RCM in healthcare translates into faster payment cycles and increased collections.
  • Reduced overhead — Reduce the need to retain and train billing staff on constantly shifting reimbursement guidelines.
  • Reduced denials – Reduce errors for faster, more accurate payments.
  • Complete visibility – Make more informed decisions with detailed billing reports and dashboards.
  • RCM Billing for Telehealth – Capture reimbursement for both professional and facility/institutional fees for qualifying telehealth visits.
  • Plus, get Azalea EHR free with Azalea RCM
"We love their customer service. If we don’t understand something we can give them a call and they answer. We don’t have to leave a message and wait on a call back. It’s like the greatest thing ever."

22 Tips and Tricks To Increase Reimbursements

“Prior to Azalea’s implementation, our front office systems couldn’t easily confirm if a patient had an outstanding balance. Now, with Azalea Health, if there’s a balance, we know about it. Azalea Health has increased our billing revenue.”

Bonnie Skipper

Get A Detailed Look At Your Billing Strengths & Weaknesses

We’ll provide you a free revenue cycle analysis and help you master your KPIs, identify inefficiencies, establish benchmarks for resolution and build more sound, long-term strategies for bottom-line improvement.