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Just as community and critical-access hospitals are the heart and hub of their communities, the Azalea Health platform is the heart and hub of your facility. By managing the clinical and business side more efficiently with an end-to-end solution that integrates easily with existing systems, everyone involved experiences the benefits–from the physicians to the patients. Learn more about how Azalea’s award winning Hospital Software can help you. 


Azalea is compliant with the updated standards for EHRs established in the 21st Century CURES Act, regarding security, interoperability, and preventing information blocking.


Use our standard preset templates, or have the option to copy, modify, and create new ones based on your unique workflows.


Manage patient records from the Emergency Department through admission, inpatient stays and discharge. A standard visual experience across departments enables staff to spend less time looking for information.


Experience designated workspaces with our Emergency Department Whiteboard and Patient Board. Streamline staff workflows, see patient data from centralized screens, and use color-coded icons to indicate lab order status and results.


Gain a clearer perspective on your practice with the ability to generate demographic and financial reports.


If you ever need help with the Azalea Health platform, our US-based support team is always at the ready.


Our Provider-First Platform has helped maximize patient outcomes in hospitals across the country.

LA Downtown Medical Center

How Azalea’s EHR supported a hospital’s growth in beds patient volume and revenue

Madison Parish Hospital

Simplifying Rural Health Complexities

DeWitt Hospital

The Importance of Interoperability

Frequently Asked Questions

Rural hospitals serve US regions with a population density of less than 19%. These communities frequently consist of farmers, farm workers, independent contractors, and agricultural suppliers. These people frequently have to travel further to receive healthcare.

In remote areas, critical access hospitals (CAHs) offer crucial access to high-quality healthcare. They make up more than two thirds of all rural hospitals and are essential for preserving the health of areas where larger facilities might not be available.

A hospital software is a cloud-based online infrastructure for medical management that collects and integrates data from all departments. Hospital software’s primary goals are to streamline clinicians’ workflows, save administrative expenses, lessen mistakes, and improve patient experience. However, because the system oversees every division or branch of the hospital, it covers a vast range of tasks.

Azalea’s Hospital EHR software allows for cross departmental collaboration from Clinicals, the emergency department, nursing board, care level transitions, eMAR and more. Azalea takes a one patient, one record approach that saves hospitals time, increases revenue, and reduces chances of error.

A EHR for CAH should be cloud-based (to reduce IT and infrastructure costs) and should be easy to use to reduce training and room for error.

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