Rural Health Clinics


We understand that rural caregiver needs are different. Our platform accommodates split claim billing, produces cost report data, handles UB-04 and CMS-1500 claim formats, as well as other functionality rural providers require.


Azalea streamlines clinical and administrative workflows through a simple and intuitive interface. On average, users reduce their time spent charting by 30% and their time managing billing by 50%.*


Online features like scheduling, messaging, check-in and bill pay, along with fully integrated telehealth options help you streamline patient flow and increase access to care.


A single record of truth for each patient allows you to easily send and receive patient data across the continuum of care in your community.


In addition to a powerful ad hoc reports generator, we give you all the analytics for Rural Health Clinics you need - including CPQ, RVU and Qualified Visits.


Our Provider-First Platform has helped maximize patient outcomes in RHCs across the country.

Hospital Authority of Jefferson County

Azalea RCM Drives Reimbursement in 3 Rural Health Clinics in Georgia

Madison Parish

Simplifying Rural Health Complexities

Solutions for Rural Health Clinics

Improving Care. Driving Revenue. Uniquely Built for RHCs

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Rural Health Clinic (RHC) is a medical facility that serves an underserved rural area that has a scarcity of primary care physicians, private medical services, or both. In neglected rural areas, there are already 4,500 RHCs offering primary care and preventative health services.

Technologies like EHRs, telehealth, and specialist training can help rural care systems combine specialty care services so that the rural population can easily and affordably receive healthcare. Clinics need to be able to split cost billing, cost report data, the ability to handle UB04 and CMS1500 claim formats.

Azalea’s cloud-based EHR is designed with RHCs in mind. Our RHC compatible software allows for easy claim submission and includes integrated telehealth. EHRs for RHCs should have reporting functions to help with compliancy and specialized billing.