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Azalea Health’s 100% cloud based platform simplifies the business behind care, allowing you to focus on face-to-face time with your patients–not excessive charting, management, and billing needs.


Your team can interface with health systems or labs easily to ensure a smoother care journey for your patients.


Adding new patients is 44% faster with the Azalea Health platform than with comparable EHR solutions.


Post payments 50% faster with our Provider-First Platform.


Boost charting efficiency. Multiple team members can work on the same chart at the same time.


Gain a clearer perspective on your practice with the ability to generate demographic and financial reports.


If you ever have questions or need support with the Azalea Health platform, our US-based team is always at the ready.


Our Provider-First Platform has helped maximize patient outcomes for practices and specialists across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A type of healthcare software called a medical practice management system oversees a clinic’s daily operations, including appointment scheduling, billing, and other administrative duties. An EHR is an example of a medical practice management software that includes patient records and practice management.

Medical practice management software should include the features:

  1. ONC Certified
  2. 100% cloud-based means no hardware or software management
  3. Tailor your templates, security settings and more to your practice and specialty
  4. Patient Solutions and Patient Portal
  5. EHR-based business intelligence and healthcare analytics for your clinical, financial, and operational reporting needs
  6. Single screen management to capture billing codes/claims, send prescriptions to pharmacy, document soap notes, order labs and follow-ups
  7. Interoperable Extras like telehealth, prior authorizations, lab integrations, chronic care management

The best medical practice management software has customizable templates that suit the needs of a specific practice specialty. This secure, cloud-based software should allow for easy patient record keeping that increases staff efficiency and reduces costs.

An EHR for behavioral health has unique, customizable templates that can be altered to suit the specific needs of a behavioral health clinic or practice. Additionally, telehealth and patient engagement software is very important to providers in this setting.

Azalea offers customizable software solutions to small practices, behavioral health practices, general practices, family practices, and more. Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting to see how Azalea’s EHR and RCM services are the perfect fit for your practice or specialty.

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