Close the Gap to Care

Distance and space are literal barriers to care in many rural settings—leaving those with chronic conditions vulnerable. That’s why we were one of the first to create full telehealth capabilities that bridge the divide. Our telehealth services are a part of our Provider-First Platform and can also be used on a provider-to-provider basis to create new pathways for knowledge sharing and connection. 


Our secure telehealth solution is built into our platform to enable patients to easily engage with their doctors on their own terms.


Facilitate even more meaningful connections through the Azalea Health’s Patient Portal. Patients can directly interact and communicate with their providers one-on-one at their convenience.


Our telehealth solution is HIPAA-compliant and secure to put your patients at ease and in control of their care.


Add another revenue stream and expand your patient base with Azalea’s telehealth software capabilities.


Whether your patients are accessing telehealth via computer or mobile device, the experience is always user-friendly. Patients can virtually connect with providers or specialists who may be hours away.


Pre-set templates, fewer clicks and working from one screen simplifies your telehealth platform experience.

Stay Connected with your Patients

Whether you want a new EHR with telehealth functionality or want to add a telehealth platform to your current EHR provider, we can help. Download this datasheet to see how our Telehealth solution can help your practice get rid of care barriers.

A Software for Everyone

For Providers

For Patients

For Administrators

A Portal to Patient Empowerment

The boundaries of care are wide-reaching, so our services are designed to reflect that. With the Azalea Health Patient Portal, your patients can take control of their care with one convenient location to review health records, schedule appointments, pay bills, refill prescriptions, and message their providers directly—all from their computer or smartphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth software, also known as telemedicine, allows a doctor to treat a patient without an in person visit. Telehealth visits often take place online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connectivity.

Yes, all types of medical practices and hospitals can gain from telehealth with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased accessibility, convenience and care coordination
  • Additional reimbursement opportunities (CCM, remote patient monitoring and more)
  • Streamlined documentation with built-in integration
  • Opportunity to reduce readmission rates

Yes, Azalea’s EHR with telehealth software is HIPAA compliant. Whether you want a new EHR with telehealth functionality, or want to stick with your current EHR provider and add a telehealth platform, we have a telehealth solution for you.

Telehealth contributes to bettering the quality and lowering the cost of healthcare. The use of telehealth and telemedicine benefits patients by saving time and money. Telehealth software allows patients in rural areas to seek the care they need with specialists that are in a far away physical location.

Electronic health record (EHR) with integrated Telehealth software features aids medical practices in managing the entire patient care process, from scheduling to filing claims with insurance companies, as well as treating patients remotely utilizing secure communication technologies. Azalea’s EHR software includes integrated telehealth software capabilities.

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