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As a Value-Added Reseller, you’ll be able to leverage the strong, trusted-advisor relationship you’ve built with your customers in order to provide direction on technology solutions that will support their business into the future.

Azalea’s ONC certified, cloud-based soft ware, offers a complete suite of modern clinical, financial, and administrative software and services for your clients that requires zero downloads, servers, and has mobile accessibility.

Benefits of an Azalea Partnership

  • Tiered compensation based on your business model and services offered
  • Multi-year recurring revenue on our suite of SaaS products
  • Simplified client IT needs
  • Leading technology for your customers

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By becoming a Value-Added Reseller, a true Azalea partner, you will be able to strengthen the work flows of those you do business with. We would love to talk with you soon and see where our partnership can take us!
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