Connecting Clinics and Hospitals

Connecting healthcare silos leads to reduced costs and better patient care. Azalea Health’s complete, cloud-based EHR platform is specifically designed to bridge the knowledge gaps typically encountered in healthcare through a modern, affordable solution.


Balance the clinical, financial and operational sides of care through a single Provider-First Platform.


Create a seamless patient journey within the hospital and clinics within your system to increase productivity and profitability.


Accelerate the impact of care by leveraging our secure 100% cloud based platform to create scalability and resilience.


Our platform supports hospital workflows like uniquely handling swing beds and care level transfers- while providing dedicated workspaces for each environment.


Our Provider-First Platform is one of the fastest-to-use EHR for clinics, helping teams save precious time on their everyday tasks.


We make the one patient, one record dream a reality by creating a single record of truth that empowers a wealth of care.


Our Provider-First Platform has helped maximize patient outcomes in health systems across the country.

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The Importance of Interoperability

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Simplifying Rural Health Complexities

Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems Brochure

An overview of our EHR platform and capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

A health system is an organization that consists of at least one hospital and at least one group of doctors who offer care (including primary care and specialty care), and who are linked to the hospital through shared ownership.

Healthcare system solutions is software that aids in the scheduling and services a hospital, medical practice, or health system provides.

Healthcare system software includes:

  1. Electronic health record
  2. Practice management software
  3. Billing solution
  4. RCM Software
  5. Patient Registration software
  6. E-Prescribing Solutions

The process of making it possible for medical records to be accessible conveniently across electronic software solutions is known as electronic health records (EHR) integration. This allows for easy access to patient records across connected hospital and ambulatory systems, also known as health systems, including personal information, medical history, and more.

Azalea’s cloud-based EHR connects Hospitals and Practices for a true one patient, one record approach to a health system electronic health record. Our EHR software connects healthcare silos to cut costs and provide better patient care.

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