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Our Hospital EHR is designed with clinicians in mind to empower more informed decision making. Because our Hospital EHR unifies patient data into a single record of truth, your clinicians can create more compassionate patient interactions that elevate the care experience. This data seamlessly translates across all components of the platform to streamline staff workflows and care transitions while maximizing operational efficiency and profitability.


Experience charting, simplified. Complete 70% of patient charting and documentation processes from one visually consistent screen—saving time and creating fewer opportunities for errors.


Reduce time spent charting by 15% and worry less about managing billing by auto submitting claims from the initial encounter.


Improve patient engagement and provider accessibility. With the Azalea Health Patient Portal, patients can directly interact and communicate with your providers one-on-one at any time.


Our one patient, one record approach is powered by AzaleaOne™ and seamlessly access data throughout all aspects of health systems.


Our secure 100% cloud-based platform accelerates the impact of care and future-proofs your hospital’s electronic health record.


Ensure patients are smoothly transferred from one area of the hospital to another with drag-and-drop care level transitions. Transfers take as little as 67 seconds- that's 29 minutes less than leading vendors.

Empower Your Providers with Our Hospital EHR

With a completely integrated patient management system that seamlessly syncs patient data throughout your health system or hospital, maximizing operational efficiency and profitability has never been easier. Download this quick datasheet to see how our Hospital EHR can integrate into your system to help you elevate your care.

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Charting Made Easy with our Patient Board

More than 70% of your time is spent on patient-related tasks and communication. Our Patient Board makes tracking, completing, and documenting your day to day responsibilities painless. Single place to access and input all of your assigned patients’ data and Quick access to orders, flow sheets, and chart notes

Frequently Asked Questions

A hospital patient’s paper chart gets converted to digital form in an electronic health record (EHR). Hospital EHR systems should be cloud-based and provide real-time records that securely and promptly make information accessible to authorized users. Hospital EHRs also allow for care level transfer, prescribing, practice management, charting/noting and more.

Rather than maintaining track of an entire medical history, hospital EHRs concentrate on arranging data during an acute hospital stay. In contrast, ambulatory EHRs handle outpatient medical requirements such as office visits and continuous prescriptions.

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An electronic health record for a critical access hospital provides a patient’s medical history including diagnoses, prescriptions, treatment plans, dates of immunizations, allergies, radiological pictures, and laboratory test results. An EHR for CAH should be easy to use and cloud-based to reduce IT costs and footprint.

A cloud-based EHR is a scalable, adaptable, user-friendly, and affordable option for keeping patient health records off of internal servers at a hospital or office. Cloud-based EHRs reduce costs of infrastructure and IT maintenance.

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