An Ambulatory EHR Inspired by You

Our top-rated Ambulatory EHR is purpose-built to make patient charting a breeze, beating out 7 other top EHR vendors for speed and ease-of use. That means that you and your team can devote more time to your patients and less time to housekeeping.

Simply speedy

Our Ambulatory EHR reduces time spent charting by 30% and is 37% faster overall compared to leading vendors.

Goodbye, guesswork

We vigilantly maintain regulatory compliance and help you optimize operations to increase revenue and resilience.

Engagement: Engaged

Improve patient engagement and provider accessibility. With the Azalea Health Patient Portal, patients can directly interact and communicate with your providers one-on-one at any time.

Configured for You

Setup is effortless, with a wide range of templates and security settings that can be tailored to your practice.

100% Cloud Based EHR

Our secure 100% cloud-based platform accelerates the impact of care and reduces the cost of IT infrastructure and management.

Built by Billers, for Billers

Azalea’s Practice Management software was built to accelerate those processes, including posting payments nearly one minute faster than the industry average.

Experience Thoughtful Software

EHRs should help providers–not hold them back. Our single platform involves drastically less paperwork and barriers all while facilitating more care. Download this datasheet to see how our Ambulatory EHR can take your clinic to new heights.

A Solution for Everyone

For Providers

For Patients

For Administrators

Achieve Actionable Insight

With clear and sophisticated reports, Azalea Analytics can help your clinic set aside manual spreadsheets so you can focus on improving operations—leading to higher profitability and improved population health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambulatory Electronic Health Records (EHR) make it simple for a doctor to keep track of a patient’s medical history and treatment, giving them a comprehensive picture of their health. Azalea’s Ambulatory EHR for practices and clinics includes telehealth, practice management, prescription history, patient portal software and more.

Ambulatory EHR systems handle outpatient medical requirements such office visits and continuous prescriptions rather than maintaining track of an entire medical history, hospital EHRs concentrate on arranging data during an acute hospital stay.

Both an Ambulatory EMR (electronic medical record) and an Ambulatory EHR (electronic health record) are digital records of medical information, however an EHR contains the following, while an EMR does not.

  1. Practice management
  2. Electronic Prescribing
  3. Telehealth Software
  4. Patient Portal Software

Ambulatory EHRs are used by practices to track patient health, prescriptions, practice management, and more.

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