AzaleaConnect Health Information Exchange

Access Millions of Records with an HIE

AzaleaConnect is an advanced data connectivity solution that facilitates the secure sharing of complex clinical information across healthcare systems by seamlessly integrating with one of the nation’s largest HIEs.

Participation in an HIE is growing across the country as hospitals and practices of all sizes and specialties are finding they are able to improve their quality and coordination of care while saving time for their staff and patients.

AzaleaConnect allows providers and patients alike to securely access a patient’s entire electronic medical history – including visit details and test results – where patients are receiving care including specialists’ offices, labs, or emergency rooms.

Increase Efficiency and Quality of Care

Eliminates unnecessary paperwork, redundant testing, and mitigates potential medication or medical documentation errors.

Save Time

Automates the process of onboarding new patients and gives immediate access to comprehensive patient medical history with each query saving 10-15 minutes per patient/visit.

Improve Outcomes

Enhance clinical decision support and improve patient outcomes by leveraging the most comprehensive digital medical history available, including test results and visits to specialists or hospitals.

Focused on what’s important

We make technology invisible so providers can be more present.

Stay Compliant, Avoid Penalties

Satisfies all HIE regulatory compliance requirements and maximizes financial incentives for Promoting Interoperability (PI) initiatives.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Be live and HIE connected in minutes. Simplified and intuitive, bringing in patient data has never been easier. Have patient history in just a few clicks with no chance of inaccuracy.

What is a Health Information Exchange?

Health Information Exchanges stand at the heart of modern healthcare, enabling professionals and patients alike to securely access and share vital medical information electronically. Think of it as a digital bridge connecting your Electronic Health Record (EHR) with a wealth of patient historical health data across various platforms. It’s about making healthcare more integrated and patient-centric, ensuring every piece of information is right where it needs to be, exactly when it’s needed. Learn more by speaking with an Azalea Health expert, reading our blog, or on

Electronic Health Record with HIE

Imagine a healthcare system where every patient’s health record is seamlessly connected, secure, and instantly accessible. This is what an EHR with an integrated HIE brings to the table. It’s a significant step towards patient-centered care, where data flows freely yet securely across providers, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date information is always available. This connectivity is pivotal in delivering informed, effective care regardless of the patient’s location or previous care providers. Learn about our Hospital EHR and Ambulatory EHR for more information.

Health Information Exchange in Action

Consider the tangible benefits of implementing an EHR system with HIE capabilities. A patient transitioning to a new healthcare provider traditionally faces the daunting task of compiling extensive medical histories—a process plagued with delays and potential for error due to the manual retrieval of records from multiple sources. However, with an EHR integrated into an HIE, a single query can fetch a complete medical history, encompassing lab results, medication lists, allergies, and notes from previous consultations. This streamlined approach not only saves time for both healthcare providers and patients but also significantly reduces the risk of oversight, ensuring a smoother, more efficient transfer of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

HIE is all about connecting the dots in your healthcare story. It means your doctors and healthcare providers can access and share your medical history, lab results, and medications electronically, ensuring you receive the best care possible. For you, this translates into safer, faster, and more personalized medical attention.

An HIE helps providers get the right information, to the right place, at the right time. This real-time access to patient data means better, faster decision-making and a smoother care process. No more waiting for records or unnecessary repeat tests. With HIE, healthcare providers can deliver personalized, efficient care, making every moment count for their patients.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a powerhouse for healthcare administrators, making everything from paperwork to patient care smoother and more efficient. It’s like having a superpower that organizes and shares patient information instantly and securely, cutting down on the hassle of manual records management. This not only makes your day-to-day operations run more smoothly but also ensures you’re meeting all those important regulatory requirements without breaking a sweat.

Your privacy and the security of your health data are top priorities in Health Information Exchange systems. Strict protocols, encryption, and compliance with national health data protection laws are in place to ensure your information is secure and shared only with those involved in your care.

Yes! With one or two clicks you can pull in a patient’s medical history. Schedule a demo via the form below to learn more about this game changing feature.  

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