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Our complete, integrated Azalea Practice Management and Azalea EHR web-based solution gives you the tools, incentives, and support you need to maximize benefits for your clients and their practices. Training staff, taking new clients live, and delivering on your service promises has never been easier.


Your team can interface with labs or other health systems easily to ensure a smoother care journey for your patients with our complete billing package (service and software) that ensures clients keep coming back.


Transactional or flat per provider fee options allow you to grow and scale business with Azalea.


Designed to fully integrate with any clearinghouse.


With clear and sophisticated reports, Azalea Analytics can help your clinic set aside manual spreadsheets so you can focus on improving operations.


Gain a clearer perspective on your practice with the ability to generate demographic and financial reports.


If you ever need help with the Azalea Health platform, our US-based support team is always at the ready.


Our Practice Management and EHR solution has helped streamline medical billing for care providers and billing companies of all sizes.

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Insightful Insights with Azalea Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Part of an EHR’s practice management software, medical billing software streamlines the medical billing procedure. This software can help medical practices and billing organizations increase reimbursement rates, maximize revenue, and maintain the viability of their operations.

Yes, Azalea’s EHR includes practice management functionality, which includes medical billing software and revenue analytics. Azalea boasts a proven software, mature billing workflows and features.

A hospital software is a cloud-based online infrastructure for medical management that collects and integrates data from all departments. Hospital software’s primary goals are to streamline clinicians’ workflows, save administrative expenses, lessen mistakes, and improve patient experience. However, because the system oversees every division or branch of the hospital, it covers a vast range of tasks. Low cost of ownership and tools to increase revenue means an increase in profits for billing companies.

Outsourcing medical billing frees staff from a responsibility that is typically better handled by a different organization. Outsourcing billing services gives staff more time to devote to patients’ needs, which will improve patient satisfaction and retention.

Yes, Azalea Analytics gives insights into patient data, population health, and financial performance. Azalea analytics is included with RCM services and in EHR software. Medical billing analytics increase ROI for medical billing companies and medical practices.

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