We take a compassionate
approach to innovation.

At Azalea Health, we use technology to help underserved healthcare providers improve patient care and profitability. We saw how providers struggled with the electronic healthcare record systems they were forced to use—EHRs that were built to minimize risk and meet legislative needs, not to make their critical jobs any easier. That’s why we’ve built a truly cloud-based healthcare IT solution designed to meet the ever-increasing demands providers face.

The comprehensive Azalea Health platform has the flexibility to serve all healthcare practitioners and their patients, immediately improving cash flow as well as clinical outcomes in an easy-to-use package. Our platform includes a wealth of valuable features like Azalea Analytics, which increases visibility into day to day care management. Our platform also supports telehealth integrations and customizations needed to save care providers time and resources. Regardless of the solution, we bring insightful innovation to the EHR space—unlocking hope and progress for all.

Aggressive Advocacy

We pursue progress with passion and urgency, and champion a shared vision of making care delivery easier and more accessible.

Humble Roots

Our team of experts have seen the pressures rural providers face and are excited to partner with providers to solve unique challenges.

Thoughtful Innovation

We use technology to pursue care without barriers and channel our understanding to unlock progress for all.

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More meaningful patient interactions, faster charting, maximized revenue, optimized analytics,
  and ultimately, more balanced time at home. See how our provider-first platform can help your organization.

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Are you looking to make an impact with your work? So are we. Help us bring down the barriers to healthcare.


Are you looking to make an impact with your work? So are we. Help us bring down the barriers to healthcare.


We believe it’s our duty to be an active corporate citizen by giving back to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Azalea Health is one of the best Healthcare software companies that provides cloud-based Electronic health record software, practice management software, healthcare analytics software, telehealth software, revenue cycle management services, and more to rural health clinics, critical access hospitals, health systems, and many types of small practices.

Azalea Health was founded in Valdosta, Georgia in 2008 by Baha Zeidan and Douglas Swords.

Azalea Health’s Hospital and Ambulatory EHR provides easy to use interfaces to reduce time and training spent on charting, registration, patient transfer, and more.

Azalea Health was founded in Valdosta, Ga, but is now headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. Azalea Health’s software serves the entire United States.

Azalea Health specializes in healthcare software for rural health clinics and healthcare software for critical access hospitals. This includes EHR (Electronic health record) software, PM (practice management) software, RCM (revenue cycle management) services, HIPAA compliant Telehealth software and more.

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