Why Our Customers Love Azalea

“I go for less clicks, easy to use, templates on-the-fly, and not complicated. I need my doctors spending time with patients…”

Tanya Mack
Women’s Telehealth

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“The hospitals I work with really value customer service – we work on it daily with our patients. So it is refreshing to find an organization that has the same value as we do.”

Sandy Majors
ER Hospital Group

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“The implementation of Azalea EHR has been a smooth transition for me and my staff. Additionally, I have been very impressed with the customization capabilities Azalea Health offers. If there is a special feature or enhancement that would make my practice run more efficiently, all I need to do is communicate this need to Azalea’s accommodating Client Relations team. Other companies I have worked with in the past would charge extra fees for such customization, but with Azalea, it is simply part of the excellent customer care and direct communication with their development team. Their Client Relations team has offered multiple training sessions with our staff in making sure they feel comfortable with this transition. I would highly recommend working with Azalea and their extremely adaptable Azalea EHR!”

Brian Griner, MD
Brian C. Griner, MD, LLC

“Honestly, what I like tremendously about the web-based [EMR] is that while I’m here at the conference, if I need to do chart work or look up a patient it is very easy to do.”

Kyle Parks, MD
Claxton, GA

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“I love your Azalea PM billing software. I have worked on 5 or 6 different billing programs and this is my favorite. It is fast and easy, the way I like it. It is also the easiest to learn. You can just log-in and go with very little if any training.”

Paula Byrne, Billing Manager

“I’ve used many systems over the years and none are as user friendly as Azalea. The system is great, but the customer service is excellent. They respond immediately. Having that kind of fast service is so important.”

Ellie Mendez, Certified Telehealth Specialist
Women’s Telehealth

“Azalea Health has helped us to make the switch from paper to electronic billing. They made it easy for us. Their staff has been friendly and helpful in our onboarding process and with training. Azalea Health’s medical billing software will greatly benefit the running of our facility.”

Jim O’Conner, CIO
Irwin County Hospital – Women’s Clinic of Cypress Pond

“We have been using Azalea’s practice management system (Azalea PM) for the past three months after switching from Healthpac. In these short months I have noticed a significant increase in our daily productivity. The streamlined design that Azalea systems employ is similar to widely used internet platforms, making site navigation easy and intuitive. Additionally, using the simple tasking system allows my staff and I to be more efficient. Would I recommend Azalea PM to other practices? I would have to answer with an emphatic, “Yes!” I have worked in several other systems (GE IDX groupcast, Amicas Financials, Meditech, and Healthpac) and Azalea PM is by far the most efficient system that I have ever used.”

Joe Carnes, Owner
Gulf Coast Professional Billing

“We chose to go with Azalea PM in 2010 because of the personal support and training Azalea offered. They were also willing and able to adapt Azalea PM to suit our specific practice’s needs. Although we received expert training from the Client Relations Team, the intuitive nature of Azalea PM enabled my staff to learn the system almost immediately. I would gladly recommend Azalea PM to others.”

Dr. Alan Peaslee, OD, MS
South Georgia Eye Partners

“We are a big proponent of Azalea Health. As we add clinics we know we can count on Azalea Health to step up in rapidly implementing their solution and that our team and patients will be able to quickly benefit from Azalea’s medical billing software and services. Azalea Health’s staff has always been courteous and professional, and we have seen great results with using their software.”

Dave Flanders, CEO
Emanuel Medical Center

“We were using Azalea PM system and Spring Charts for our clinical needs. We made the decision to begin using Azalea EHR because of the seamless integration with Azalea PM. We have quickly adjusted to the easy to learn Azalea EHR due in large part to its adaptable interface paired with the excellent support we have received from the Azalea staff. Most EHR vendors will give you the formula and expect you to adjust to it. From my experience, Azalea Health will listen to our needs and adapt to what will work best for our practice.”

Jennifer Collier-Madon, MD

“I would like to recommend Azalea Health to anyone looking to outsource their medical billing. Without a doubt, your billing services have increased our revenues dramatically. As a result, my patients are better served and my office runs smoothly without the added stress of billing issues. Someone from Azalea Health is either here or on the phone whenever we have a question. Your personal touch allows me and the staff to give just that kind of attention to our patients.”

Dr. Wendy Vandemark
Vandemark Psychiatry & Counseling

“I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend Azalea Health for the billing and accounts receivable work they have done for my practice. I am more than pleased with their performance with regard to my billing and would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to outsource their medical billing.”

Shawn Vandermark, MD
Vandermark Plastic Surgery, P.C.