The Value of Built-In Functionality In Your EHR

The Value of Built-In Functionality In Your EHR

Built-ins functionality in software systems can help you operate more efficiently and effectively. At Azalea Health, we’ve created a feature-rich set of built-ins that are included with your EHR, as well as options that streamline operations.


Some EHRs may include a smattering of pre-formatted reports and require that you pay to develop additional versions. But at Azalea, our EHR includes 72 reports to keep you on top of your practice operations and finances, all of which are easily customizable so you are pulling the exact data you require.  You can even set reports to run automatically at night so they’ll be ready for review first thing in the morning; or export them to Excel for an even deeper dive of data!

Prior Authorization

One of the most frustrating tasks for practices is managing pre-certifications and prior authorizations. Azalea Health relieves practices of that burden with outsourced pre-cert services, allowing physician staff to focus on patients rather than paperwork. Best of all – the information is delivered directly into the EHR for each patient.


Azalea eRx™ is an e-prescribing solution that integrates with the EHR and allows healthcare professionals to submit accurate, secure electronic prescriptions directly to any pharmacy. The system includes drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checking, dosage alerts and real-time patient medication and formulary lists.


With the penalties for a HIPAA violation ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation (or record), it is imperative that practices ensure secure transmission of information. One of the best built-ins with Azalea EHR is a secure messaging system that allows information sharing with others in the community of care, such as referring physicians. Rather than going into a different system to send a secure email, you can do it within the EHR.


Interoffice communications has never been so easy. From the task center, you can easily message a group or an individual Azalea user. You can attach patient information and supporting documentation so the recipient does not have to search patient records; and you can search your messages by category, date or priority.


Not only is Azalea the first EHR to incorporate telehealth, it offers a wealth of features. One of the best? The recording and storage of telehealth sessions. And because the Azalea EHR is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about giant video files eating up your available digital storage.


The Mobile mHealth™ app lets you focus on your patient rather than the screen. It also gives you the freedom to access practice and patient data from anywhere. There’s also a patient version, myHealthSpot, that supports messaging with the provider and live telehealth.

These are just a few of the features that make Azalea EHR one of the most affordable and fully featured EHR vendors available today.

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