Prior Authorization Services For Azalea Clients

Pre-Certs with health insurance companies are frustrating for physicians, staff and patients at their doctor’s office.
In addition, Pre Authorization approvals for insurance plans are expensive, distracting and can cripple turnaround time for treatment and prescription medications.

Prior Authorizations Are Necessary, But Time Consuming

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Say the prior authorization process delays patient access to treatments and medicine.

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Say pre authorizations lead to patients stopping recommended treatments.

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Of physicians rely on staff who only work on data entry and other manual pre cert tasks.

The summary screen showing pre-cert status in Azalea is brilliant. That alone will sell anyone on using Azalea’s pre-cert services.

Serena Meador
Healthcare IT Services Consultant

Azalea Prior Authorization Services Keeps

You Focused On Your Patients

*Must be an Azalea Health EMR user*



Duplication and data errors.



More on patients and less on paperwork.



Claim reimbursements.

How Do Our Prior Authorization Services Work?

Perks of becoming an Azalea EHR user means additional services available at your fingertips. No need to outsource? No worries, when using the Azalea EHR platform, you can manage your prior-authorizations in our easy to use dashboard.

Our prior authorization services, simplifies the pre–cert process between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Typically, insurance plans require prior-auth services for: 

  • Inpatient surgery
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Hospital admissions
  • Sleep studies
  • Radiology
  • Expensive procedures
  • and some medications 

Our Prior Authorization Dashboard In Action

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