Prior-Authorization Services

Save valuable time for your staff. Speed access to care for your patients.

Prior-Authorizations are Necessary, but Time Consuming

Pre-Certs with health insurance companies can be a frustrating process among physicians and staff.

Prior-Authorizations approvals from insurance providers are expensive, distraction and can cripple turnaround time for treatment and prescription medications.

Just look at the statistics:

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Say the prior authorization process delays patient access to necessary treatments and prescription drugs

0 %

Report prior authorization can sometimes, often or always lead to patients abandoning a recommended course of treatment

0 %

Of physicians rely on staff members who work exclusively on the data entry and other manual tasks associated with prior authorization

Leave The Burden of Prior-Authorizations Behind

“The summary screen showing pre-cert status in Azalea is brilliant. That alone will sell anyone on using Azalea’s pre-cert services.”
– Serena Meador, healthcare IT services consultant

Azalea Prior-Authorization Services Can Help

You Stay Focused On Your Patients

Get transparency and single-screen management, status-based filtering, procedure code look-up and more with our secure, web-based portal.



Duplication and data errors



More on patients and less on paperwork



Claim reimbursements

How Does Our Prior-Authorization Service Work?

Azalea prior-authorization services, facilitates the pre–certification process between healthcare providers and their payers. Typically, prior-auth services are required for inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, hospital admissions, sleep studies, radiology, or any procedure that requires a prior-authorization. Azalea collects patient information from medical providers to obtain prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient procedures, in addition to pre-certifications for hospital admissions.

Azalea Health Pre-Cert Services manages pre-certs from a centralized location, streamlining the process and reducing patient data errors. Our experienced customer service staff uses a web portal interface to transmit patient data to appropriate areas within healthcare organizations. They work with physician offices and insurance payers, ensuring pre-certification and approval requirements for hospitals, outpatient facilities, and physician offices.

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