Fast, Secure, Integrated EHR Software

We designed Azalea EHR to solve the problems other EHR vendors create. That means fewer clicks, simple charting and less downtime.

According to Coker Group, Azalea EHR is faster than 7 other top EHR systems in 12 common, clinical tasks.

Try our time savings calculator and see how much time you can save.  

A Complete EHR Platform for Your Entire Health System

Azalea Health offers 100% cloud-based hospital EHR and ambulatory EHR platforms.

Azalea’s proprietary Health System Patient Index (HSPI) is a completely integrated patient management system that seamlessly syncs patient data to and from both clinics and hospitals, connecting your entire system. Your physicians and patients can finally experience the benefits of one patient, one record. Gain a comprehensive view into a patient’s record of care, reduce duplicate data entry and improve patient management and safety.

EHR For Ambulatory Clinics

Our top-rated EHR system for ambulatory clinics makes patient charting a breeze, beating out 7 other EHR vendors for speed and ease-of-use.

EHR For Hospitals

Specifically for community hospitals, Azalea EHR for Hospitals makes patient charting and documentation simpler, with a smaller, more efficient IT footprint.

DG_CertBadge_ONCHealthIT_2015_Large (2)

ONC Certified EHR Vendor

Both Azalea EHR for Ambulatory and Azalea EHR for Hospital are 2015 edition certified under Drummond Group’s Electronic Health Records Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Certification Body.

Azalea Ambulatory EHR

37% Faster Than Other Leading Ambulatory EHR Vendors

Your community relies on your health system and its providers. You rely on fast, accurate charting data from your EHR software.

Declining reimbursements, lower patient volume and expensive technology create massive challenges.

We help solve these challenges with an ambulatory EMR that’s 37% faster than 7 other leading ambulatory EMR vendors so you can spend more time focusing on patients, and less time charting.

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Azalea Ambulatory EHR Features

  • 2015 ONC Certified
  • 100% cloud-based means no hardware or software management
  • Tailor your templates, security settings and more to your practice and specialty
  • Robust Patient Solutions for better quality of care
  • Single screen management
    • One-click split claim billing for RHCs
    • Document SOAP notes,
    • Capture billing codes/claims,
    • Send prescriptions to pharmacy,
    • And order labs and schedule follow ups — all from one screen.
  • Interoperable Extras

Post Payments Fast and Easy

Post payments 49% faster than top EHR vendors. Download the Coker Group report and see for yourself!

Custom Templates For Your Specialty

We’ll help build your very own templates. unique to your practice and workflows.

Compare Solution Plans

Compare our entire suite of solutions designed specifically to improve day-to-day operations and boost the bottom line of your facility.

Azalea Hospital EHR

A Complete Solution for Community & Critical Access Hospitals

Our hospital charting system reduces your IT footprint and overhead costs, helps you capture more revenue and streamlines operations, all while improving patient care.
From the Emergency Department to the last patient bill and payment, our complete hospital charting system has you covered.
With integrated Patient Accounting, Revenue Cycle Management, ERP and HR services, Azalea is with you and your community every step of the way.

Azalea Hospital EHR Features

  • Powered by our proprietary Health System Patient Index (HSPI)
    • Experience one patient, one record and seamlessly sync data between hospitals and ambulatory clinics 
  • Care-Level Transitions
    • Drag and drop care level transitions ensure the patient is smoothly transferred from one area to another
  • Digital whiteboards
    • Customizable Emergency Department Whiteboard streamlines staff workflows and provides a complete view of patients and treatments

Azalea Nursing Board

See all patients under care from a centralized screen, and use color-coded icons to indicate lab order status and results, medication administration and key clinical data.

Learn more about Azalea Nursing Board

AI-Powered Workforce Management

Automate staff scheduling and gain insights about labor costs per shift. Keep staff up-to-date with timely communications regarding policies, schedule updates and more. 

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Improve your operational efficiencies and empower your healthcare team to provide better patient care, every step of the way.