How Practices Can Improve Care by Overcoming Patient Communication Barriers

How Practices Can Improve Care by Overcoming Patient Communication Barriers

How To Improve Patient Communication

The average no-show rate for healthcare practices across all specialties reaches nearly 20 percent, according to SolutionReach. Even the best performing practices average a no-show rate of 7-9 percent. Appointment confirmation can help reduce the number of no-shows, helping improve the continuity of care while alleviating the stress of your patients missing appointments.

Implementing Automation

With time limitations and difficulty connecting with patients, automated systems allow practices to reach patients through several channels i.e. home phone, cell phone, text messaging and email communications with some vendors. Practices can even fully customize messaging to patients including English, Spanish, and other languages helping eliminate patient confusion and making a stronger connection to the practice.

Based on HealthAxis Group’s return on investment (ROI) calculations for their Doctor Dial solution, doctors’ offices that have incorporated an automated communication system have seen a 5% to 8% decrease in no-show rates while positively increasing revenue an estimated $12,000 to $20,000 annually.

In addition, offices can deliver custom preventive or wellness campaigns, designed to keep patients aware of healthy measures, keep up with personal care, or receive the latest news regarding their condition.

Communicate Using Your Patient’s Favorite Method, Not Yours

Physicians are competing for a patient’s attention and time, where a personal phone call is no longer the most effective or efficient way to deliver medical communications. Practices need the ability to adapt to the preference of the patient to overcome any communication obstacles.

Azalea Health’s valued partner, HealthAxis Group, offers a fully-integrated solution through the Azalea EHR and PM. In the Azalea Scheduler, Doctor Dial’s functionality picks up patients scheduled appointments and contacts them via their preferred contact method, providing a stronger communication ability and preventive care in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For more information about how the partnership of Doctor Dial and Azalea Health can help your practice, request your personalized demonstration here.

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