Azalea Wins GOLD in the 2022 Merit Awards for HealthcareIT

Azalea Health Wins GOLD for the 2022 Merit Awards in HealthcareIT

Merit Awards honored Azalea Health with a gold award for HealthTech IT during the 2022 Merit Awards for Technology.

The honor is particularly meaningful considering our mission to provide compassionate, simplistic technology to underserved rural communities.

The awards, an independent awards program that recognizes global industries and the market they serve, are judged based on submissions that address technologies that touch every part of our lives ranging from consumer and business-to-business products, solutions, leadership and innovations.

“The submissions for the 2022 Merit Awards for Technology were overwhelmingly filled with content that communicated the depth and reach technology has on our lives,” Marie Zander, executive director of the Merit Awards, said in announcing the honors. “We applaud each of this year’s winners and look forward to their continued successes.”

Azalea’s clients are in rural areas with unique challenges; many healthcare IT companies consider this segment an afterthought in their software design. Rural health providers deserve the same quality solutions — electronic health records, revenue cycle management services, or integrated telehealth solutions — as their urban and suburban counterparts. That is our promise to our clients, which sets us apart from other HealthTech IT providers.

Now more than ever, they need technology that reduces how much time they spend performing tasks and is agile enough to grow and meet their unique needs.

With a disproportionate amount of disease, geographical barriers to care, and elderly patients, many rural hospitals and clinics struggle to serve their patients. Cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming technology doesn’t help them with their mission.

We strive to connect community-based healthcare providers and patients across the care continuum. Every rural hospital and clinic should have access to easy-to-use technology, tools, and services to keep communities and their patients healthy and happy.

That’s why we built an intuitive, simplified platform designed to help providers work more effectively with their colleagues to best meet the needs of their patients.

Our 100% cloud-based platform streamlines ambulatory and hospital workflows for hospitals and local clinics. This improves cash flow and clinical outcomes so providers can deliver care with clarity and confidence.

What started as an idea in rural Georgia grew into a fully cloud-based healthcare management and medical billing solution designed to securely meet the needs of all types of healthcare providers and work seamlessly with them.

To achieve our goals, we are constantly progressing and striving for improved operations, especially in people outcomes across all departments. We ask for feedback at every point possible, integrating positive and negative feedback into our initiatives.

Every day, we work to meet the evolving needs of the rural healthcare landscape by delivering a simplified technology experience. We’ve done so since day one, and we continually improve and consistently deliver the solutions our clients need.

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