Analytics for RHCs

Analytics for Rural Health Clinics

In today’s ever-changing world, analytics and data are more important than ever. Every RHC (Rural Health Clinic) should have reporting capabilities that help with regulatory compliance, while providing key insights that improve performance and revenue. 

Azalea’s analytics platform has 3 key features that help RHCs stay compliant and increase revenue:

  1. Turnkey and Automated Cost Reporting:  Azalea’s built-in analytics platform provides detailed and auditable Cost Reporting by Provider that shows all RHC Qualified Visits, complete with the correct CPT Codes filtered and listed accordingly.

  2. Industry Leading Ad Hoc Reporting:  Azalea’s Ad Hoc reporting tools allow RHCs to address the core cost and census reporting requirements with just a few details. Furthermore, those analytic reports are accessible online as an easily shareable pivot table that can be sliced by location, provider, mid-levels vs physicians, CPT Codes, payers and patient demographics and more. 

  3. Performance Management Dashboards and Reports: Azalea’s advanced reporting environment allows RHCs to set goals and benchmarks for every physician, location or even payer. Visually track over 100 key performance indicators including; Patient Volume and Productivity metrics such as RHC Qualifying Visit Count, New Patient Count, Unique Patients and RVUs. Match this with reporting on Financials, Collections, AR, and Denials KPIs for a full view of practice performance. 

5 Analytics Reports Every RHC Needs

The livelihood of an RHCs depends on visit counts that must be measured accurately. Certain grants can only be given with collected population health metrics like CQM, and accurate 

1. Interactive Executive Scorecard Dashboard looking at RHC Qualified Visits by provider

As a decision maker your time is valuable. Quickly understand trends in performance, qualified RHC visit counts, Physician performance to goal and more in this digestible dashboard. No need to run 30 reports to understand the performance of your practice or providers- get it all from one clear dashboard. 

2. Ad Hoc analysis tool showing RHC Qualified Visits by Provider and CPT Code

Easily understand visit types over time by provider to observe and predict care trends. Know what physicians are spending time on and where there is room for improvement with pivots customizable to your practice. These Ad Hoc reports will help address your COST reporting requirements and provide a saved, auditable reference for all Provider RHC Qualified Visits. 

3. One Page Monthly Provider Productivity Dashboard Report

Understand and effectively communicate individual provider productivity by comparing KPIs such as gross charges, patient visit count, and procedures performed compared to monthly averages for a true view of performance over time.

4. Year to date Provider RVU Analysis

Track RVU progress by provider in easily translatable graphs and charts. Filter by post dates and physician name to see individual CPT codes and wRVUs assigned. Download or send with a click of a button. 

5. Executive Summary Dashboard

Your time is valuable, don’t spend it running repetitive reports. Measure patient volume, charges, collection rates and A/R in an easily accessible and always updated dashboard. Customize to your needs and schedule automated reports that answer questions before they are asked. 

Bonus Report! Appointment Scheduling

Break down and compare appointment arrivals, cancellations and no-shows to understand where efficiencies can be increased. Graphs showing fulfilled vs unfilled appointments highlight areas to be improved. The utilization analysis is especially helpful to manage resources and optimize scheduling.

Want to increase patient engagement so you have less cancellations and no-shows? Utilize our patient portal where patients can easily reschedule, send messages, receive reminders and more. 

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