AHI to provide electronic health records to Ogeechee Technical College

Valdosta, GA (September 28, 2012)- Azalea Health Innovations (AHI) is set to donate Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, Azalea EHR to the Health Information Technology (HIT) Department of Ogeechee Technical College of Statesboro, GA.

The Health Information Technology (HIT) program at Ogeechee Technical College utilizes on-line classes to teach students about creating and maintaining electronic health records.  A new educational tool now available to Ogeechee Tech’s HIT program is the electronic health records (EHR) system, Azalea EHR, according to Janyce House, Program Director and instructor with HIT at the College.  House sought  a web-based solution which would offer students hands-on training with an EHR system, and found a good fit with Azalea Health Innovations (AHI).  “I am really excited that AHI has offered us this opportunity.  With the web-based Azalea EHR system our students can easily work from home to complete their assignments,” stated House.  The company is a leading provider of cloud-based electronic health records software, practice management software, and revenue cycle management services, explained House.  Access to AHI’s system will be online, and no actual equipment or software will be housed on Ogeechee Tech’s campus.

According to House, the system will become an integral part of several courses the HIT Department at Ogeechee Tech has to offer, including: Introduction to HIT, Healthcare Statistics, and Legal Aspects of Healthcare. “Students will learn how an EHR works and how it is constructed. Additionally, students will see how Azalea EHR enhances the healthcare workflow process while offering the opportunity for hands-on exposure to both the clinical and administrative aspects of a medical practice,” stated House.  According to information provided by Azalea, the company’s EHR will help students to develop real life knowledge that is essential to their future careers.  “We are excited to help train the community’s workforce. AHI will continue to seek out ways to enrich and cultivate the future of HIT,” said Baha Zeidan, CEO of AHI. “The opportunity will demonstrate how an EHR can help to lower healthcare cost while improving the communication process between providers and patients.”
About Azalea Health Innovations, Inc.
Azalea Health Innovations, Inc. is a leading provider in cloud-based electronic health records software (EHR), practice management software (PM), and revenue cycle management services (RCM). Azalea products provide continuity that unifies both the medical and financial aspects of today’s healthcare provider. For more information on Azalea Health Innovations, please visit www.azaleahealth.com or call  (877) 777-7686.

About Ogeechee Technical College
For information on Health Information Technology at Ogeechee Technical College, visit the campus, or go to www.ogeecheetech.edu.