Prior Authorizations

RHC Eligibility

RHC Webinar Series: RHC Eligibility Who is eligible to become an RHC? Qualifying as an RHC: What You Need to Know Not every healthcare clinic gets the green light to become a Rural Health Clinic (RHC). There are specific checkboxes that need to be ticked off: 1. Location Matters: The clinic’s address should be far …

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Revenue increase when becoming an RHC

RHC Webinar Series: What is the revenue increase when becoming an RHC? Understanding Revenue Growth with RHC Status It’s important to note that the revenue increase when transitioning to an RHC can vary significantly depending on unique circumstances and a host of contributing factors. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, clinics often experience a revenue boost …

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Types of RHCs

RHC Webinar Series: Types of RHCs What is an RHC? What Are the Different Types of RHCs? Well, RHCs, or Rural Health Clinics, come in two main flavors: Independent Rural Health Clinics and Provider-Based Rural Health Clinics. Independent Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) are like the lone wolves of the healthcare world. They’re often run by …

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Partner Webinar: Engaging Patients on Their Payment Journey

RevSpring Partner Webinar: Engaging Patients on Their Payment Journey About the Webinar We know the world of patient responsibility payments can be complex. If your solution is not broken, why make a change? Sometimes the reason revolves around the patient experience while other times it is simple economics.  Azalea and its partner, RevSpring, will help …

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Azalea Pre-Certification Datasheet

Physicians and staff spend 20.4 hours per week on prior authorizations, and that number will continue to rise as the number of procedures, prescriptions, and therapies requiring prior authorizations increases. What would you do with those hours back in your week? Schedule a demo with us today and see how Azalea can take you to …

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16 Prior Authorization Tips & Tricks For Your Healthcare Facility

Why Do Healthcare Payers Require Prior Authorizations? According to America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), prior authorizations are required to ensure the patient is receiving a safe treatment that is medically necessary and appropriate. Health insurance companies have the unique advantage to see how a patient is utilizing their coverage and what treatments they have already …

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Pre-Authorization Best Practices Webinar

Prior-Authorization Best Practices Prior-authorizations are necessary, but can become very time consuming. Hear from Shayna Turner, Azalea Client Success Manager and pre-authorization subject matter expert. Key benefits from this webinar will include: Pre-authorization industry trends Best practices for managing pre-authorizations in your organization Documentation importance How to turn your focus on your patients