Revenue increase when becoming an RHC

RHC Webinar Series: What is the revenue increase when becoming an RHC?

Understanding Revenue Growth with RHC Status

It’s important to note that the revenue increase when transitioning to an RHC can vary significantly depending on unique circumstances and a host of contributing factors.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, clinics often experience a revenue boost within the range of 33% to 50% due to the favorable reimbursement structure that RHCs offer. However, it’s crucial to approach this change with a realistic perspective.

To gain a clearer understanding of your specific financial outlook, it’s advisable to undertake a feasibility study. This study can provide insights into your anticipated costs and potential revenue, helping you make an informed decision about pursuing RHC status.

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Video Transcript


Next question, and I know we’ve talked about this before, there’s no definite answer, but someone who’s curious.


What is the typical revenue increase if you were to switch over?



I hear this. there is no definite answer, OK. But I do hear that oftentimes the revenue will increase sometimes as much as 33 to 50%, depending on the area you, again, and all the factors around with that. I have not tried and tested that theory in a while, but I certainly think with a feasibility study, you’d be able to accomplish that by knowing what you’re going to get in the way of increase.