Types of RHCs

RHC Webinar Series: Types of RHCs

What is an RHC?

What Are the Different Types of RHCs?

Well, RHCs, or Rural Health Clinics, come in two main flavors: Independent Rural Health Clinics and Provider-Based Rural Health Clinics.

Independent Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) are like the lone wolves of the healthcare world. They’re often run by individual healthcare providers or healthcare organizations like nursing homes or home health companies. What sets them apart is their independence – they do their thing without any ties to bigger medical institutions.

Now, let’s talk about Provider-Based Rural Health Clinics (RHCs). These clinics are like cousins to hospitals. They’re owned by hospitals and are under the watchful eye of the hospital’s administrative team. While they’re not completely separate from the hospital, they’ve got a special certification that marks them as a unique part of the hospital’s setup. These clinics can be owned by private or public entities and might operate as either for-profit or not-for-profit outfits.

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Video Transcript


As I talked about earlier, there’s two types of an RHC.


There’s an independent RHC, then there’s also a provider based …. Say the independent is a freestanding. It’s most of the time owned by a provider or provider entity. It could be owned by another healthcare entity, such as a nursing home or home health agency, or things of that nature. The provider base is owned by the hospital.


It works under the direct supervision and direction of the hospital administrative staff, and it’s governed by them. Oftentimes, we’ll hear them. Folks say that it’s a division of the hospital. It is not a division of the hospital.


However, it is a certified unit under the hospital’s certification.



It can be private or it can be public and it can be for-profit or not for-profit, depending on how folks set that up.