Azalea Health’s Patent Pending SOAP Technology


Extensive Template Library & Multiple Dynamic Templates


Azalea Health provides multiple assessment templates and access to an extensive template library within the SOAP feature. In addition, dynamic templates enable the provider to customize fields, efficiently input patient data into the system, and pull from SOAP history for chronic visit types. Azalea EHR gives you the ability to merge multiple templates. For example: The patient suffers from hyperlipidemia and hypertension. The provider has a template for hyperlipidemia and a template for hypertension. The provider chooses both templates and is presented with the option to merge the two templates.

Direct Dictation

This feature allows the provider to speak to the EHR system while the speech recognition software translates speech into text.

Form Builder

Azalea EHR employs an internal form builder that makes it simple for a provider to create customized encounter forms that are specific to your practice.

SOAP Features & Benefits

  • Clinical charting & SOAP generation
  • Billing & claims processing
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Voice recognition & dictation
  • Multiple assessment templates & access to extensive template library
  • Internal form builder
  • Image annotation for visuals
  • Insurance verification & address validation
  • Document storage & management
  • Secure messaging & tasking system
  • Collaborative, real time and simultaneous editing
  • Initiate encounter from a documented visit or from the template library

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