Azalea Health Continues to Achieve High Marks from KLAS

Azalea Health Continues to Achieve High Marks from KLAS

By Baha Zeidan

The industry continues to honor Azalea Health for its solutions that help small practices deliver the healthcare their patients expect and deserve.

Azalea achieved new high scores among leading small practice technology providers in a November 2022 KLAS Research report for “Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (2–10 Physicians).” Azalea received the highest score for the Delivery of New Technology and had the highest score for forecasted overall satisfaction.

At Azalea, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer success team, implementation team, and product and development team, all of whom have a big role in our customers’ satisfaction. This latest honor is gratifying as it demonstrates our commitment to progress and our promise to serve the underserved through powerful, easy-to-use technology. 

“When it comes to EMR/PM technology, these practices expect up-to-date functionality, steady product performance, solid implementation and training, and an integrated suite of solutions from a single vendor— all at a price point that makes sense for a small practice’s budget,” the article noted. “This is a tall order, but some vendors have stepped up to the challenge in multiple areas of delivery.

“Azalea Health [offers] stable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use cloud-based solutions that don’t burden customers with the complexities of a multi-vendor technology stack,” the article added.

While these high scores against the industry’s top companies indicate our growth and customer satisfaction, we know the work continues.

We strive to maintain a forward focus with everything we do and work hard to deliver top features and products to meet our customers’ evolving needs. To achieve this, we must listen to our customers to understand their needs and how our solutions can help them address and overcome the challenges they face every day.

Healthcare providers want to increase cash flow, improve clinical outcomes and save critical time and resources to help them better provide care. But all of that is often easier said than done.

The rural provider market is often overlooked, but small practices are the backbone of the country’s medical infrastructure. They deserve solutions as powerful as their larger counterparts, and there is no reason that technology cannot ensure these practices continue to deliver the vital healthcare solutions rural residents need and deserve.

The healthcare industry faces numerous challenges, but technology can help rural healthcare providers overcome headwinds. Properly deployed, technology can help rural healthcare providers improve their service offerings, revenue management, and electronic health records (EHRs).

The November KLAS report is the latest in a series of honors for Azalea.

KLAS recently ranked us among the leading healthcare technology providers for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

Earlier this year, Azalea emerged as a Small Practice Ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR)/practice management (PM) contender in the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report. In our inaugural listing in the Best in KLAS Report, Azalea received an 88.7 overall performance score.

We are thrilled by these honors as they show rural healthcare providers are making intentional progress using our technology. However, we won’t rest until every rural resident has access to the healthcare they deserve — and providers have the technology they need to deliver it.

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