Azalea Health Wins GOLD for the 2022 Merit Awards for Patient Care

By Baha Zeidan

The Merit Awards for Healthcare announced earlier this week that Azalea Health has been recognized with a gold award for Patient Care.

Merit Awards are an independent awards program recognizing global industries and the markets they serve. In naming the winners, judges — including consultants, entrepreneurs, industry executives and journalists — evaluated submissions addressing various healthcare needs, from tech innovations to services.

“The importance of healthcare has emerged more than ever since the pandemic,” Marie Zander, executive director of the Merit Awards, said in an announcement naming the honorees. “We were thrilled to receive the submissions that spoke to the services, products, innovations and technologies that are shaping the healthcare marketplace. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.”

Merit Awards previously honored Azalea Health with a gold award for HealthTech IT. These honors are meaningful for our mission to provide underserved communities with the technology that can revolutionize their services.

The rural market especially continues to be underserved in many ways regarding healthcare. Rural populations face disproportionate levels of disease and geographical barriers to care.

Many of these hospitals and clinics have trouble serving their patients, many of whom are elderly. These struggles are compounded when technology is cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming. 

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower underserved providers with the best technology available.

Our company started with an idea to improve medical practices in rural Georgia. It quickly grew into a medical billing and cloud-based healthcare management solution available to practices across the nation.

Technology will drive the future of healthcare, which will drive a higher quality of life in underserved areas and specialties such as behavioral health. Easy-to-use technology, tools, and services are critical to that delivery.

All communities deserve to be healthy and happy, and there’s no reason providers can’t access the technology they need to deliver high-level care. That’s why our solutions help meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers and work seamlessly and securely with them.

Our goal is to grow and scale across more markets where its customers and employees are based. We are unique in this focus.

Our level of attention to progress and thoughtful innovation translates to all our clients, rural or otherwise. Recognitions by the Merit Awards are an affirmation that our approach is working.

Healthcare providers face ever-increasing demands, and we won’t stop until every rural provider has the necessary technology to ensure their patients have the quality care they deserve.