State of the Industry: Top Trends for Rural Healthcare Providers

Rural Providers Are Dreaming Big, But Not Acting Big.

Our third survey of rural healthcare providers yielded many interesting insights about their challenges, IT use and wish list. Deciphering the results from our more than 150 rural healthcare respondents yielded perhaps the most important finding of all – rural providers are eager for technology advancement but they are not taking the necessary steps to make that vision a reality. In this 14-page report, learn:

  1. Top seven factors preventing rural healthcare organizations from technology adoptions or upgrades
  2. Rural provider growth plans for the next five years
  3. Three top trends for rural providers in 2019

Further, learn the common misconceptions holding rural providers back and how rural providers view the trends of Population Health and Mobile.

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As an added bonus, included in the white paper are three strategies you can use today to help ensure your success in 2019!

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