Customer Demand Prompts Azalea Health Launch of Pre-certification Services

More physicians are outsourcing this complex administrative process so they can focus more on their patients and less on paperwork.

Atlanta, GA (HUBGA) February 10, 2015 – Azalea Health, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare solutions and services, announced that it has added pre-cert services, also known as pre-authorization services, to its EHR product and billing services offering.

At the request of its customers, Azalea Health is now offering pre-­cert services. As practice administration becomes more complex, more physician practices are making the switch to outsourcing their pre-certs. Physicians are finding that outsourcing pre-certs maximizes claim reimbursements with reliable and rapid turnaround, reduces duplication and data errors, and frees up their people to focus more on patients and less on paperwork.

“According to the physicians we work with, managing pre-certs and prior authorization is the source of more frustration than any other administrative process,” said Justin Pierce, Azalea Health VP of sales. “It is an expensive distraction and an underutilization of their staff’s skills. Our customers suggested that we should start offering pre-cert services. They appreciate our expertise and being able to come to one vendor for all their needs.”

Typically pre-authorization is required for inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, hospital admissions, sleep studies, radiology, family practice, OB/GYN, dermatology, or any procedure that requires a pre-certification. After evaluating what it would involve, and the growing demand from physician practices, the Azalea Health team determined that it made sense to add pre-cert services to their lineup of products and services.

The function of Azalea Health’s pre-­cert portal is to collect patient information from medical providers to obtain prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient procedures, in addition to pre­-certifications for hospital admissions. The company’s experienced customer service staff uses a secure web portal interface to transmit inpatient and outpatient procedures data to appropriate areas within healthcare organizations.

“The summary screen showing pre-cert status in Azalea is brilliant,” said Serena Meador, healthcare IT services consultant. “That alone will sell anyone on using Azalea’s pre-cert services. By facilitating the pre-­certification process between healthcare providers and their payers, Azalea Health enables physician practices to focus on their patients and not on claims and paperwork.”

Azalea Health’s February 12 @lunch webinar will feature a panel discussion on the benefits for physicians on outsourcing their pre-certs.

About Azalea Health
Azalea Health is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare solutions and services. The complete Azalea solution provides Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) billing services, as well as Patient Health Records Portal, a mobile mHealth application, and pre-cert services. With a focus on patient engagement, Azalea’s integrated solution has the flexibility to accommodate multiple specialties of any size practice and can immediately improve workflow as well as revenue flow. The solution also provides tools and resources to help customers meet their Meaningful Use and ICD-10 requirements.