Azalea Health Launches “Azalea Apps” to Help Partners Expand Care Offerings and Reach


The API marketplace delivers Azalea Health partners expanded access to communities and market opportunities across the full continuum of care.

Atlanta, GA, March 10, 2020 – Azalea Health (Azalea), the leading provider of fully cloud-based patient management and billing solutions, announced the launch of “Azalea Apps,” the company’s application programming interfaces (API) marketplace. While similar to traditional app stores in that Azalea Apps allows pre-approved third-party developers to showcase their work with FHIR and other open APIs, the Azalea marketplace is differentiated in its approach to patient data. Because of Azalea’s fully SAAS-based platform, Azalea Apps is the only approach with an API that spans the full continuum of care from inpatient to ambulatory settings. In effect, developers can identify and serve the patient across the entire healthcare community.

“Our ‘one-patient-one-record’ approach sets Azalea Apps apart from other vendor app stores,” said Rian Faircloth, Director of Business Development for Azalea. “In addition to having access to the complete patient journey, our approach eliminates the challenges associated with duplicate records and data reconciliation, which are typical of disparate and disconnected patient management systems.”

The launch of the Azalea Apps API marketplace also opens access to a patient community traditionally underserved by advanced technology solutions and leading applications. As one of the dominant EHR solutions in rural healthcare, developers can tap into markets and providers who have been neglected by other vendors.

“Azalea Health continues to grow in provider share and in the number of patients whose care is improved by our technology,” said Faircloth. “Over the last three years, we have quadrupled our growth in the market and more than doubled in size. And we continue to exceed expectations in company performance and in the capabilities that we deliver to the providers we serve.”

The Azalea App API marketplace is currently open to the developer community, with select partners already engaged. The portfolio of available applications will be released to end-users in the third quarter of 2020. In addition to end-to-end access, the developer portal also includes a fully functional sandbox with access to real data. 


About Azalea Health

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