Azalea Health Innovations provides electronic health records system, Azalea EHR to local non-profit organization, Lowndes County Partnership for Health

Valdosta, GA August 21, 2012 — Azalea Health Innovations (AHI), Inc. recently provided the Lowndes County Partnership for Health (LCPFH) Partnership Health Center with their Azalea EHR system as well as donated full training and implementation services from their experienced client relations team.

The two organizations joined forces after the LCPFH’s Partnership Health Center, a free primary healthcare facility staffed by healthcare volunteers who offer their time to serve the healthcare needs of the working uninsured in Lowndes County, made the decision to automate and streamline the workflow of their practice. The LCPFH was looking for an electronic health records system (EHR) which would be usable by multiple volunteers and found that AHI’s Azalea EHR was a natural fit. An EHR is a collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations that may include a range of data, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal stats like age and weight, and billing information.

“Part of our corporate culture is to give back to the community and help non-profit organizations. This partnership fits that profile. The LCPFH is a valuable organization with volunteers who truly care about the health of their community. Providers are working full days in their own practice before volunteering at the Partnership Health Center. We are proud to call them a partner and thrilled to provide them with Azalea EHR,” says Baha Zeidan, CEO of AHI.

AHI’s client relations team have been diligently working with and training the LCPFH staff and volunteers for the past month to prepare them for their scheduled launch. Upon launch, the Partnership Health Center will receive a host of benefits afforded by Azalea EHR. Advantages include: access to electronic prescribing, a multiple provider and location scheduler, office workflow management feature, doctor specific internal templates and custom fields, a Meaningful Use dashboard, a secure messaging and tasking system as well the ability to give their patients access to their personal medical records through the fully integrated patient health records portal, Azalea PHR.

John Sparks, Executive Director of LCPFH says, “AHI has worked with us on customizing the Azalea EHR to cater to our specific needs. As we are based on a non-profit platform, we require information that the average healthcare provider does not in order to receive grants and other funding; AHI understands that and has been very flexible throughout this process.”

About Azalea Health Innovations®, Inc.
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About Lowndes County Partnership for Health
The Partnership was founded in October 1996 and includes a 25 member Board of Directors, four full time staff members, two part time staff members and over 200 volunteers. The Partnership for Health operates five programs: the Partnership Health Center, a free primary care clinic for the working uninsured residents of Lowndes County; the Partnership Cancer Fund, which raises funds for local cancer patients; the Partnership for Healthy Living, which conducts physical activity and nutrition programs; Pharmacy Assistance Program; and a wellness and disease management program for self insured employers. Program partners include hospital systems, major education centers, national charities and foundations, as well as local healthcare providers, industries, agencies, and individuals.