Hospital Authority of Liberty County Case Study

Azalea RCM helped a central billing office for 3 Georgia clinics grow their monthly collections by 46% and increased payments per visit by 21%.

We recently spoke with a former hospital CEO who had some insights into EHR evaluation and selection. Phil Hanna has been in the hospital and health services industry for 45 years. For a large portion of that time, he served as CEO for a rural hospital. He now spends his days meeting with other hospital CEOs and consults them on how to balance administrative, board, clinical, IT, financial and other medical challenges.

Phil noted that, when looking at current EHR solutions, there are three things to keep in mind: 1.) What is driving the change in your business? 2.) What does the current hospital EHR landscape look like in your market? and 3.) What are the core elements that make an EHR a good choice for you? (by price, fit, and functionality).

Read on to learn how these three factors can help you navigate the EHR landscape.