Fairfield Family Clinic

The Fairfield Family Clinic Success Story

About Fairfield Family Clinic

Fairfield Family Clinic, located in Shreveport LA, serves as an entry point into the healthcare system and as a vital resource in chronic care management for the local patient population. In addition to primary care, Fairfield Family Clinic provides health counseling, education, and a suboxone program for opioid addiction.

The patient population is generally older, with many suffering from chronic conditions and comorbidities. Fairfield Family Clinic is a lifeline for the local community and a critical component to maintaining quality of life and health.

Before COVID-19, Fairfield Family Clinic was already using Azalea Health’s telehealth solution to help extend the care team.

Leveraging Telehealth During COVID-19

The clinic invested in integrated otoscope and stethoscope devices that enabled remote evaluation through the telehealth visit. This created a fully functional and virtual system for examinations and assessments.

With COVID-19, the clinic quickly adjusted, using telehealth as an enabler to care continuity and patient engagement during social distancing.