Vital Decision: How to select the right RPM vendor partner for your healthcare organization?

Vital Decision: How to select the right RPM vendor partner for your healthcare organization?

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We’ve learned a lot since December 1, 2020, when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized new policies for Remote Patient Monitoring — what not to do at the practice level when beginning an RPM program, what realistic revenue expectations should be and why, and how the breadth and depth of “integration” can vary dramatically amongst vendors and EHR’s alike.

Our industrywide predictions that RPM would rapidly overshadow the CMS counterpart Chronic Care Management (CCM) proved largely false, and now we see that RPM and CCM go hand in hand – comprehensive remote patient care requires people and technology.

As we continue to adapt to our new “normal” and practices look to remote care management solutions to keep up with demand, how do you find a solution that is the right fit for your organization? We’ve compiled the questions you need to ask when deciding on an RPM vendor to ensure your program is effective and sustainable.

Do you offer Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring, or solely RPM?

Medicare’s remote patient monitoring and chronic care management are better together – that’s what we do best! With a robust, comprehensive platform and clinical support at our core, MD Revolution offers these programs and more to address critical gaps in care, optimizing access for your patients while allowing practices to capitalize on expanding Medicare reimbursement.

Do you offer comprehensive integration with Azalea Health, or will I need to login to a third-party platform? What does your integration entail?

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Who will enroll and market the remote care program to my Medicare patients?

We do! We know from experience that implementing a successful remote care program is contingent on educating and enrolling patients, efficiently and effectively. Our team leverages built-in Azalea workflows to enroll qualified Medicare patients for the practice, prompted by enrollment flags and trigger ordering by service. Practices can see enrollment status real-time in the existing clinical workflow, and patients receive integrated vitals monitoring equipment to their home within 5 days.

Who will perform the work to monitor my patients’ data real-time?

We offer nationwide, multilingual RN’s and MA’s as an extension of your practice, providing first-line clinical monitoring of all vital sign data 24/7/365 AND fulfilling 20 minutes of chronic care management services for each dually-enrolled patient, every month. Practice escalation protocols are in place for biometric data exceeding a critical threshold, and our nurses will alert your practice of patients needing attention.

How and where are devices stored, provisioned, and shipped to my patients?

We manage all device storage, fulfillment, shipping and returns, beginning with seamless trigger ordering by service, directly within Azalea. Providers will never need to store or distribute devices to patients. Before the patient receives their RevUp care Hub and one or more prescribed devices, our engagement efforts ensue to guide your patients every step of the way, from SMS messaging to two-way interactions on the RevUp application, to telephonic coaching from our dedicated health coaches.

What kind of devices are available, and will my patients have to setup devices themselves?

We believe in offering the easiest experience to providers and your patients. We have found that the most reliable devices are those with built-in cellular chips that avoid the complexity of Bluetooth and instead send data wirelessly to our platform without any patient interaction. Our cellular-connected home hub device provides configuration free device connection, on demand support and 24/7 emergency response. We offer a wide range of ancillary cellular devices, such as connected blood pressure monitors, weight scales, blood glucose meters, spirometers, and pulse oximeters, requiring no Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth pairing, or setup.

Have existing wearable devices? Our RevUp application has the ability to connect with these, too. We’ll work with your practice to determine the best device connections for your unique program, designed for long-term compliance with remote care.

Do you automatically generate claims in Azalea each month?

One of the most robust features of our RevUp platform is accurate, automatic claims creation directly within Azalea, eliminating the manual process for each patient, each code, each month. We handle the often-complicated nuances of monthly and time-stamped data transmission code adherence, so you can focus on patient care.

How much revenue can my practice expect?

Many vendors offer revenue calculators with unrealistic assumptions of profits. We pride ourselves in setting straightforward, attainable goals for each of our partnerships, customized for your practice’s Medicare population. Contact us today for a picture of sustained program success and a tailored practice pro forma.

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