Key Facts Health Providers Need To Know During COVID-19

COVID-19–The Impact & Our Response

As COVID-19 has worsened significantly, the healthcare system is being taxed in unprecedented ways, and our clients–the heart of Azalea Health–face the brunt of the fight against this virus as they work to serve patients and communities.

With urgent action, we are leveraging Azalea tools to maximize care and safety for patients, physicians, and employees.

Remote Patient Care Tools

The coronavirus situation continues to evolve. We are working to drive communications and capabilities out to our clients as quickly as possible to ensure that you can deliver patient care where and when it is needed.

To support your clinic in the transition to remote patient care, Azalea is offering all clients FREE access to our telehealth app for a year. Additional information along with on-line training tools are available. Note that this capability is already turned ON and is available on your home page.

Virtual care expands your capacity to care for patients regardless of their location or symptoms. We urge our physicians to maximize the use of these tools, and Azalea is here to help as you do.

Azalea Telehealth – At-risk patients (elderly and those with chronic conditions) are being urged to stay home making essential chronic care management and preventative care difficult. Using telehealth, you can continue to provide essential care to your patients.

Azalea myHealthSpot – Encourage patients to download the iOS and Android app now. Patients can participate in telehealth appointments, request new appointments, and securely message physicians.

Azalea Patient Portal – Physicians can securely communicate with patients using mass communications to keep them informed with accurate information. Patients can avoid wait times on the phone and make secure, direct contact with your office with a portal message. Additionally, patients can request appointments and pay bills online.

8 Simple Steps To A Touch-Free Patient Experience

Patients don’t want to touch public surfaces. And as normal movement starts to resume, concerns over shared spaces and devices will stay top of mind.

Download “Keeping our Distance: Touch-free Solutions for Patient Management” to learn the 8 easy steps you can take to create a touch-free patient experience

Additional Resources to Support You Through COVID-19

Patient Screening for COVID-19

Currently patients need provider approval to be tested for COVID-19. Remote patient care apps are essential in determining if a patient qualifies to be tested while minimizing exposure to others. Beyond testing, providers can advise patients on the best course of treatment and when to seek emergency care.

Guidelines for evaluation and lab testing (CDC)

Person under investigation and Case Report Form (CDC)

Lab Orders for COVID-19 via LabCorp and Quest

LabCorp and Quest are scaling up to process more than 20,000 COVID-19 tests a day. Tests are ordered and specimens are collected by healthcare providers and sent in for testing. DO NOT send patients to LabCorp or Quest service centers as service centers are not collecting specimens. 

Quest Provider Instructions

  • Test code: 39433  | CPT: 87635

LabCorp Provider Instructions

  • TEST: 139900  | CPT: 87635

Azalea Employees, Operations, and Hours

While we work to balance the safety of our workforce with business demands, we want you to know that your operations, clinicians, and patients are our priority. This includes our unwavering support.

Throughout the crisis, Azalea Health offices will remain open; however, we are encouraging those employees who can work from home to do so and to avoid social gatherings.

Support and client success personnel will remain available to you, and there are no impacts to hours or other business functions. Please feel free to reach out through email or phone at or (877) 777-7686 ext. 3 if you have any questions.

10 Free Telehealth Resources

We’ve got 10 form-free resources to help you get started with telehealth and maximize your new technology. From using telehealth, telehealth billing and even promoting that your practice now has telehealth, we’ve got the resources you need.