CPT Bundle Billing for RHCs

Streamline Billing with CPT Bundling for RHCs

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Are you exhausted by the complexity and time commitment of medical invoicing and coding? Look no further than the innovative CPT Code Bundling feature from Azalea Health.

Designed to streamline the Medicare billing process for both independent and provider-based Rural Health Clinics (RHCs), our solution eliminates the hassle of manually editing encounters for CPT bundling purposes and reduces calculation errors.

Why CPT Bundling?

Medicare billing for RHCs often requires combining the fees of specific charges into a qualifying visit code to ensure proper payment. Medicare only pays on a single line for the entire visit, making it crucial to add a CG modifier to the qualifying visit line. Additionally, RHCs frequently bill certain procedures, such as labs or diagnostic tests, under the hospital NPI and/or TaxID, necessitating the movement of those codes to a separate encounter in Azalea.

Azalea software is designed to simplify these types of billing tasks for Rural Health Clinics.

Effortless CPT Bundling in Azalea's EHR

With Azalea Health’s CPT Code Bundling feature, bundling CPT codes has never been easier. 

  • Quickly create CPT bundles and split charges in just a few clicks

  • Automatically save pending changes

  • Automatically add CG Modifier to the qualifying visit code

  • Automatically set fees to $0.00 to save time

  • Save preferences so next batch is a breeze

  • Sync settings across all users

Already an Azalea customer?

Lucky you! Learn how to use this great feature in the Azalea Academy. 

Want CPT Bundling for your RHC?

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