How the Pre-certification Process Works

The function of Azalea Pre-Cert is to collect patient information from medical providers for the purposes of obtaining prior authorizations for in-patient and out-patient procedures in addition to pre-certifications for hospital admissions. To accomplish this, the pre-certification staff at Azalea must transmit patient data to appropriate areas within healthcare organizations in addition to communicating with physician offices and insurance payers for purpose of pre-certification and approval requirements for hospitals, outpatient facilities, and patients.

Azalea Pre-Cert service has the following benefits and features:

  • Simple and secure web-based portal
  • Tracks and catalogs requests based on status
  • Built-in medical necessity verification based on National and Local Coverage Determinations (Medicare NCD/LCDs)
  • Email notifications of pre-cert completions and/or status updates
  • Streamlined system saves both time and money
  • Attracts more services to your facility
  • Fast turnaround time and increased customer satisfaction

Use Azalea Pre-Cert for the following services and procedures:

  • Hospital Admissions
  • MRI / CT / PET-CT / X-Ray
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Sleep Studies
  • Any other procedure that requires insurance precertification

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