Azalea Health Mobile Solutions Datasheet


The average physician logs 1.4 hours per day in the EHR after clinic hours thanks to inefficient workflows and excessive documentation requirements

Mobile applications can empower physicians to quickly and conveniently log information in the EHR. Azalea Health and our integrated partners have enabled caregivers to be on the go with the following mobile applications.Reduce burnout with mobile productivity apps.

  • Azalea MyPractice for physicians makes it easy to stay on top of your patient schedules, medications, capture charges and more
  • iPrescribe, powered by DrFirst integrates directly with our ambulatory EHR and allows physicians to prescribe any drug from anywhere and view out of pocket costs based on patient insurance with real-time benefit information


Azalea EHR Is Fast. Really Fast.

Azalea EHR is 37% faster than 12 other leading ambulatory EHRs in 12 common, critical EHR tasks, and saves an average of 12 hours per week. What could you do with that time back in your day? Schedule a demo with us and see for yourself.

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