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Azalea® PM is simple, efficient, and will dramatically improve the financial health of your practice.

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Azalea® PM
Practice Management

Azalea PM is a web-based medical billing and practice management system that boasts simple site navigation and an intuitive interface. Azalea PM is a powerful tool that allows you to securely and effectively analyze, plan, and improve practice performance while maximizing revenue from any location with internet access. The flexible framework of Azalea PM allows for infinite scalability and accommodates both provider based and hospital based practices.

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Azalea PM Office Overview

accounting icon Practice Management
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Azalea PM is a web-based medical billing and practice management system that boasts simple site navigation and an intuitive interface. Azalea PM is a powerful tool that allows you to securely and effectively analyze, plan, and improve practice performance while maximizing revenue from any location with internet access. The flexible framework of Azalea PM allows for infinite scalability and accommodates both provider based and hospital based practices.

Azalea PM accommodates small and large group practices, Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC), and Rural Health Clinics (RHC) and will improve monthly cash flow while reducing claims rejections. We have designed a one of a kind claim management system that utilizes specialized sorting queues and filters along with advanced search features. The system also features comprehensive revenue intelligence as well as coding and compliance data checkers.

Schedule and track patient appointments with ease. Enjoy fully customizable features, such as creating personalized appointment reasons, block scheduling, and lock-outs specific to your practice.

Simplicity and Ease of Use
Azalea PM was designed with the end user in mind. Users will enjoy simple site navigation designed to reduce wasted time spent going back and forth between multiple pages, tabs, and screens.
Interfaces with any EMR
Azalea Health boasts Healthcare IT Professionals with 12+ years of healthcare data interfacing experience. Already using an EMR system? Let us interface both systems, allowing data to flow back and forth between systems.
HIPAA audit trail
Vital to any practice management or health record system is the ability to have an audit trail of all activity performed within the system. Our audit trail allows the user to see any and all activity based on a user or other sorting filters. Monitor for harmful activity or simply keep an eye on user activity within the system.
And more...
  • Azalea PM Integrates with Azalea eRx
  • Detailed User Permissions
  • Multiple Simultaneous Users
  • Assign Tasks to Users and Groups
  • Secure Messaging
Medical Necessity Verification
  • LCD and NCD crosswalk tables are built into the system notifying you immediately if your claim meets Medicare's medical necessity requirements.
  • Identifies possible Medical Necessity issues for both Medicare Part A and Part B claims prior to the provision of services substantially reducing accounts receivable write-offs.
Patient Billing and Collections
Never print statements again. Improve patient collections by collecting dollars faster and with less effort.
Library of Financial Analysis Reports
Discover the power of quick, ready to use reports designed to analyze practice performance. Easy, intuitive reporting filters allow you to pull data for specific areas of billing and analyze data in real time.
Institutional & Professional Claim Formats
Our practice management system is equipped with a flexible claims module that seamlessly accommodates both institutional and professional claim formats.
And more...
  • Multiple fee schedules for multiple providers
  • Pre-loaded current ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS codes
  • NPPES NPI database built in
  • Azalea PM is capable of creating and submitting UB-04 claims
  • Supports Part A and Part B Claims
  • Verifies modifier usage
  • Checks for CCI bundling edits
  • Determines code validity
  • Displays RVU
  • Validates pass through items
Flexible Scheduling & Lock-outs
Schedule and track patient appointments with ease. Enable lock-out features to prevent staff from scheduling patients when you're away from the office.
Customizable Appointment Reasons
Create personalized appointment reasons that are specific to your practice.
Automated Appointment Reminders
Allow us to automate your appointment reminder process. Save your staff valuable time spent on daily reminder calls while largely reducing no-shows.

list icon Comprehensive Reporting
folder icon Document Management
people icon Online Patient Portal

Azalea PM enables you to easily generate detailed demographic and financial reports at any time. Users can add practice specific parameters such as date, location, place of service and provider to further define reports.

Upload and scan images and documents directly to Azalea PM and patient records. Review and sign off on pending documents.

The online Personal Health Record portal allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare provider(s). Patient information is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Realtime Reporting
Financial reports reflect the financial health of your practice in real time.
Extensive Library of Reports
Azalea PM offers a large library of reports, each with its own brief description.
Simple Report Generation
Easily generate detailed reports with the click of a mouse.
Multiple Report Export Capabilities
Reports can be exported to pdf and excel formats as well as effortlessly printed on demand.
Patient Handouts
Staff can easily print out all necessary patient handouts. The clinical workflow management system allows physicians and staff to electronically move patients throughout the office, effectively making the most of both the patient's time and the practice's time.
Scan and Store Patient IDs
Scan patient's insurance cards, driver's license, and any other necessary documentation directly into the patient's profile. No more insurance denials and returned patient statements due to mis-types or lack of patient information.
Patient Photos from a Web Camera
Easily take a patient's photo via webcam and store it in his/her demographics to better identify your patients.
Online Payments
Patients can see their statements and pay their bills online.
Request Appointments
Patients can request appointments and view their upcoming appointments in one convenient location.
Update Demographics
Patients can update their demographic and insurance information from home, saving you hours of data entry time.

I love your Azalea PM billing software. I have worked on 5 or 6 different billing programs and this is my favorite. It is fast and easy, the way I like it. It is also the easiest to learn. You can just log-in and go with very little if any training.

(Paula Byrne, Billing Manager) 

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Azalea PM is fully integrated into Azalea EHR.

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All Azalea Products Feature:

Cloud Based Cloud Based
The cloud-based system allows you to safely and securely operate your practice without worrying about constant back-ups. Infinite space and scalability means that you can enjoy unlimited growth in your practice.
Security Security
Azalea products are hosted on a secure cloud environment that also allows infinite expansion. Every scanned file or document is encrypted and stored on the cloud at rest. All access to Azalea products are controlled by user permissions which grant different levels of authorization according to the user. All products have an audit trail that allows the user to view and track every action in real-time.
Simplicity Simplicity
Users will enjoy simple site navigation designed to allow the user to move rapidly within the system. The products are quick, easy to use, and constructed to reduce the amount of time it takes for the user to complete a task.
Secure Messaging Secure Messaging System
Message patients and personnel within your office through the secure messaging system. The messaging system has the look and feel of e-mail and is simple to use.
No Software or Hardware No Software or Hardware Installation
Being a web-based system allows Azalea products to operate on a web browser alone. That's it. No other hardware or software is required. Azalea products are built based on web standards and are updated regularly without assistance from the user.
Data Integrity Validation Data Integrity Validation
Azalea products enable its users to instantly check field entries to ensure accuracy. Field entries include date of birth, insurance authentication, and even address verification.
Mobile Compatible Mobile Compatible
We know that today's provider is always on-the-go and understand that it is crucial that your practice is accessible from everywhere you go with internet access. Our flexible Azalea products are compatible with both smartphones and tablets, allowing your practice to be only a finger click away at all times.
HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

All Azalea products are fully HIPAA compliant and we strive as a company to consistently update our product line to ensure that it maintains the highest level of security in order to not only protect our clients, but their patients as well. Learn More...

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