[Webinar] What to Look for in an EHR Solution: A Rural Hospital CEO’s Perspective

The last few months have made shortcomings in current EHR solutions more evident and more intolerable. Hospitals are evaluating their current EHRs at increasing rates and are looking to the market for new, better, and more agile options that can be configured and right-sized based on need. This means that hospital executives are quickly climbing the learning curve on what is available, the differences between solutions, and what is the best fit for their hospitals. During this session, Phil Hanna, former hospital CEO, will share his insights into why so many hospitals are evaluating EHR solutions, the specific functionality relevant and meaningful for rural hospitals, and how to align EHR solution selection to the organization’s long-term strategy. By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the key drivers that are pushing hospitals to evaluate EHRs
  • Describe the different types of solutions available to the rural health market
  • Create an evaluation rubric to help identify the best EHR solution based on fit, price, and
  • Apply evaluation criteria to their own solution comparison efforts

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