NEW Azalea EHR Enhancements & Features

Want to learn about the exciting new features that are in Azalea EHR’s future? Then check out this video to view upcoming Azalea EHR enhancements and features that will streamline your clinical charting, as well as enable you to better control your office workflow.

Presented by:
Julee Lincoln, Software Support & Training Specialist

Covered Topics:

– Unified Tabs: Improves navigation for providers between charts and patients’ record
– Immunization Inventory & Immunization Registry Interface: Facilitates the tracking and recording of administered vaccines and immunizations, and offers the capability to interface with statewide registry
– Enhanced Growth Charts: Provides better controlled documentation of pediatric visits
– Scheduler Weekly Views: Allows for thorough schedule management
– Increased Document Control: Ability to attach, scan, and upload appointment specific documents directly to the patient’s chart for a specific date of service
– Walk-in Option: Provides quick management of walk-ins from the office overview
– Questions & Answers
– Upcoming Events

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