Patient Solutions for Your Health Practice

Azalea Health understands that the heart of your business is your patients. That’s why we have integrated solutions with the patient in mind. Our solutions help drive your practice’s patient engagement initiatives and provide better cost transparency.

Convenient Options For Your Patients


Offering your patients the option to have a virtual visit is one way to proactively manage their care, especially if they experience  chronic conditions.

By adding HIPAA compliant telehealth visits to your schedule, you are providing more access to care for your patients, especially the ones that live far away or can’t take time off work to visit the doctor.

Online Bill Pay

Does your practice frequently get calls from patients looking for lab results or to schedule an appointment?

Engage your patients with the myHealthspot Patient Portal.

With our patient portal, your patients can login via a browser or their mobile device to view and pay medical bills, request appointments and view clinical notes.

Financial Solutions For Your Patients 

Patient Responsibility Estimator

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) are on the rise and putting more and more of the financial responsibility on the patient’s shoulders.

Because of this shift, patients are acting more like traditional consumers and price shopping their healthcare.
Your practice needs to be prepared to offer accurate estimates based on the patient’s health benefits to ensure you get paid for services rendered.

Azalea’s Patient Responsibility Estimator is integrated directly with the Practice Management System and provides accurate estimates for patients prior to the procedure.


We receive bank statements, utility bills and credit card statements in our email inbox. But how many of us receive our healthcare bills the same way? 

With Azalea Health eStatements, you can deliver your patient’s statements straight to their inbox. No more paper, ink, stamps and envelopes. 

Integrated into Azalea’s myHealthspot Patient Portal, eStatements drive electronic communication with your patients and provides multiple ways for a patient to pay their medical bills. 

Get A Free Demo of Our Patient Solutions 

Patient experience is a key to success for your healthcare clinic. Azalea’s solutions help improve patient experience and drive more money to your clinic.

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