Azalea’s Consultants

Reeya Patel

VP of Health Insights

Dr. Reeya Patel received a Doctorate in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, a Master of Public Health degree from Emory University, and is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Public Health. Her comprehensive education and background provides industry perspective on healthcare policy and regulation, current industry trends, rural health, alternative payment models, and quality reporting programs. ... She works collaboratively with health systems and physician practices to offer consulting, advisory, and professional services targeted at navigating the changing regulatory environment of healthcare, utilizing technology, and maximizing performance of ambulatory practices and hospital outpatient clinics.

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Helen Williams, CPC

CPM and Azalea’s Strategic Healthcare Consultant

Helen Williams more than 25 years of experience in healthcare financial management, billing and coding in practices, clinics and hospitals. She has an extensive background working as a consultant in a variety of specialties, as well as in billing, verification, Medicare and Medicaid, cash management, and more. ... Helen is an industry expert in rural and community health and has provided consulting services for several organizations for assistance in obtaining RHC certification, staff preparations for state inspections, implementation of clinical policies and procedures, in-house workflow review, RHC billing procedure training and more.

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Let’s Get to Work Together

Are you wanting to optimize your healthcare practice, but you aren’t sure where to start? We want to hear from you. At Azalea Health, we are dedicated to providing you with solutions and services that empower your practice, regardless of size or specialty.


Avoid further administrative headaches with management and oversight consulting.


Optimize your hospital or clinic’s processes through tailored advice generated from an in-depth consultative audit.


We know billing. Let our fully certified experts help you identify areas for improvement and maximize your bottom line.


We help rural health clinics flourish with consulting services that focus on Development & Planning, Certification Assistance, and Policies & Procedures.


We know a thing or two about IT—our experts will assess your hospital or clinic’s IT structure and security.


We’ll help you navigate the changing regulatory environment of healthcare so you can focus on your patients.

Consulting for all
sizes and specialties

We believe healthcare is fundamentally about helping people. Our wide range of consulting and professional services help you ensure that any pain points your hospital or clinic is experiencing are left where they belong—in the past.

Put Azalea Health to Work

If your organization needs more bandwidth, we can help. By outsourcing billing, RCM, or other administrative tasks to us, you and your team can fully focus on delivering high-quality care.

Frequently Asked Questions

A healthcare consultant’s typical areas of concentration are financial processes, work atmosphere, procedural flow, and legal compliance. A healthcare consultant finds ways to maximize a facility’s capacity to provide patients with high-quality care quickly and affordably.

Licensed healthcare practitioners and health systems are often given commercial and administrative advice by medical practice consultants or healthcare management consultants. Our consulting services advise on:

  1. Management and Oversight Services
  2. Financial Management Consulting
  3. Operational Review & Improvement
  4. Coding & Compliance
  5. Physician Billing Services
  6. IT Assessments & Security
  7. RHC Development & Planning
  8. RHC Certification Assistance
  9. RCH Policies & Procedures
  10. And more!


Healthcare consulting services advise medical practices in regulatory guidance, increasing ROI, improving patient quality, security, compliance, and more.

A rural health clinic must be certified for participation in Medicare within guidelines of 42 CFR part 405. RHC Compliance includes:

  1. Annual Cost Reporting
  2. Up-to-date Provider Credentials
  3. Annual Program Evaluation
  4. Staff Education

Azalea offers healthcare consulting for Rural Health Clinics, Critical Access Hospitals, small practices, many specialties, billing companies, revenue teams, physicians, healthcare leaders, financial teams, and more. Submit the form below to see how Azalea can help you.

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