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Pre-authorization Services

Prior authorizations are rapidly becoming a source of more frustration among physicians and staff than any other administrative process. Often an expensive and annoying distraction, they can cripple productivity and turnaround times for access to care.

With pre-authorization services from Azalea, you’ve got an experienced partner owning the process to help maximize claim reimbursements with reliable and rapid turnaround, reduce duplication and data errors, and free up your people to focus more on your patients and less on paperwork. Our secure, web-based portal allows for transparency and single-screen management, status-based filtering, procedure code look-up and more.

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“The summary screen showing pre-cert status in Azalea is brilliant. That alone will sell anyone on using Azalea’s pre-cert services.”
– Serena Meador, healthcare IT services consultant

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How Does It Work?

Azalea Pre-certification Services, or pre-authorization services,  facilitates the pre–certification process between healthcare providers and their payers. Typically, pre-auth services are required for inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, hospital admissions, sleep studies, radiology, or any procedure that requires a pre-certification. Azalea collects patient information from medical providers to obtain prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient procedures, in addition to pre-certifications for hospital admissions.

Azalea Health Pre-Cert Services manages pre-certs from a centralized location, streamlining the process and reducing patient data errors. Our experienced customer service staff uses a web portal interface to transmit patient data to appropriate areas within healthcare organizations. They work with physician offices and insurance payers, ensuring pre-certification and approval requirements for hospitals, outpatient facilities, and physician offices.

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Shayna Turner, Account Manager

Shayna is our Pre-Authorization expert working very closely with our customers to help implement best practices.