Optimization: Shaping policy, Adopting technology, and Digesting data

As telehealth users grow to 40 million + in the United States, systems are focusing on fine-tuning delivery and driving modality efficiencies

Payer Consortium releases Legislative Recommendations

A consortium led the by the non-partisan Catalyst for Payment Reform released its top four recommendations for lawmakers as they consider the post-Covid future of telehealth. The non-profit group (which represents large employers such as AT&T, General Motors and Google) was joined by Mercer and the American Benefits Council in releasing the whitepaper, which can be downloaded here. In it, the group points out that “There is no turning back the clock. Having been steered to virtual healthcare during the pandemic, health plan members will expect virtual visits to continue to be available. In the ongoing shift to more virtual modes of working and conducting business, it is natural they would expect those efficiencies to translate into healthcare delivery.”