DeWitt Hospital Remotely Installs Cloud-Based EHR That Helps With COVID-19 Care

When Brian Miller joined DeWitt Hospital as CEO in January 2019, the hospital’s existing EHR from CPSI was sunsetting and the facility had nine months to find a replacement. Miller and staff knew they needed a system that was light on maintenance, updates and support; was able to adjust to different workflows and care levels; and was supported by a team willing to be a partner to the hospital, rather than just another vendor.

Azalea came in with a cloud-based system that minimized IT spend and lift, reduced the need for training and expensive consulting services, and offered an interoperable approach that enabled DeWitt to connect to the SHARE HIE, while also connecting its facilities, so it could easily share patient data across its own network, Miller explained.

“The idea was simple: Azalea would deliver a system that limited the amount of upfront and long-term spend, empowered our hospital staff to customize the solution based on their clinical workflow, and unlocked our data so that we could have a unified view of the patient regardless of the care setting,” he said.