Azalea Health Featured in Politico’s Morning eHealth

This week, Azalea Health was featured on the popular political journalism organization, Politico. As the one of the first surveys in the industry focusing on rural clinics and small hospitals, the results of the 2015 Rural Health IT Strategy Survey were highlighted in Politico’s Morning eHealth Report, a daily report on healthcare technology.

“RURAL HEALTH IT SURVEY: A little more than a third of rural health care providers said in a survey released Thursday that health IT has improved their efficiency and overall business practices. But nearly the same number said that efficiency has come at the cost of significant time and resource commitments. The findings came from Azalea Health’s 2015 Rural Health IT Strategy Survey. About 12 percent of rural practices have either not started to prepare for the transition to ICD-10 or don’t know where they stand. Sixty-five percent are attesting to either Stage 1 or Stage 2 of meaningful use. “