Azalea Health Expands COVID-19 Essentials Pack to Support Vaccination for Community Healthcare Providers

Azalea Health Innovations, Inc. (Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced an expansion to their COVID-19 Essentials Pack that includes new features to track vaccinations and seamlessly report them to state agencies. The interoperable platform can also be easily integrated with patient engagement solutions to support vaccination outreach. As new variants raise the stakes for vaccination, the EHR update enables real-time immunization reporting and more efficient vaccine distribution, while relieving the administrative burden on overwhelmed clinicians.

The new features in the COVID-19 Essentials Pack make it easy for community health providers to track their vaccine inventory and add patients’ vaccination status to their medical history. Azalea’s interoperable solution means vaccination reports can automatically be sent to state registries if providers choose to, enabling public health officials to allocate vaccines more effectively. The Essentials Pack previously updated the EHR with COVID-19 diagnosis codes to add to patients’ medical history, COVID-19 lab codes for billing, and a COVID-19 assessment questionnaire module for syndromic surveillance that can be plugged into Azalea’s customizable EHR workflows.