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Azalea Health’s RCM Services Outperform Industry Standard in Recent Benchmark Study

Physician practices report strong reimbursement rates, lowering accounts receivables, strengthening cash flow.

The Azalea RCM Performance Analysis was conducted at the end of 2021 and captured data from across 500+ healthcare providers using Azalea Health’s RCM and billing services.

“There is a prevalent myth among community physician practices that a robust billing and RCM solution has to be expensive or require a large billing staff,” said Doug Swords, VP of RCM and co-founder of Azalea Health. “The reality is when using our RCM services, our customers increase cash flow, reduce accounts receivables (A/R) and free up staff to focus on other areas of the business. When providers have access to the latest in RCM technology, regardless of size or specialty, the right billing solution has an immediate impact on a provider’s business.”

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RSI and Azalea Health Integrate Platforms to Establish Comprehensive Patient Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention Solution

May 4th, 2022

ATLANTA & JUPITER, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RSI has integrated its software with Azalea, the leading provider of cloud-based healthcare IT solutions and services for community hospitals and practices. This integration enables Azalea’s clients to have fully synchronized access to RSI’s patient engagement CRM. “We are excited to integrate our patient engagement platform with Azalea. Empowering Azalea’s clients with our fully integrated CRM will further increase practice efficiency and scale while providing complete transparency into practice performance,” said Jason Tuschman, CEO and Founder, Red Spot Interactive.

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Azalea Health and Phreesia Partner to Offer an Integrated Intake Experience to Growing Network of Providers

April 27th, 2022
ATLANTA & RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Azalea Health, a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, and Phreesia, a leader in patient intake, outreach and activation, today announced a collaboration to offer a robust integration between their systems to enhance the overall intake experience. This integration will allow provider organizations to offer patients a seamless, convenient digital experience more efficiently, with the staff they have.
“Azalea Health has a track record of innovating the care of patients in rural health settings,” said Baha Zeidan, CEO of Azalea Health. “Announcing Phreesia as our preferred integration partner demonstrates our latest commitment to enhance the intake experience for our growing network of rural healthcare organizations.”

Azalea Health Launches Azalea Apps Marketplace to Improve Patient Care & Profitability

April 5th, 2022
ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health or Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today launched Azalea Apps Marketplace, a one-stop app library of approved third-party vendors that are integrated with Azalea Health.
The Azalea Apps Marketplace allows users to search through a library of third-party applications that are connected with Azalea’s application suite, many connected using Azalea’s SMART on FHIR API (application programming interface). Like an app store on a mobile device, Azalea users can search and choose which ones are right for their organization’s needs.

Azalea Health Achieves Veracode Verified Status

March 15, 2022

Company embeds application security practices into its software development process in an offensive move against growing cyberattack threats to healthcare.

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health or Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced that its applications have achieved Veracode Verified Status. The third-party validation from Veracode confirms Azalea’s dedication to implementing proven application security principles, making security a priority in developing its applications for its customers.

Cyberattacks are growing in number and severity in healthcare, particularly ransomware attacks. A 2021 survey by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found that 34% of healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware in the previous year. HHS also reported that the average cost for rectifying a ransomware attack was $1.27 million. Considering the razor-thin margins under which most rural and underserved healthcare providers operate, a ransomware attack could easily threaten the survival of these practices.

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Azalea Health Emerges as Small Practice Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record/Practice Management ‘Best in KLAS’ Contender in 2022 Ranking

February 24th, 2022

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health or Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced it has emerged as a Small Practice Ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR)/practice management (PM) contender in the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report

In its inaugural year of being highlighted in the Best in KLAS Report, Azalea received an 88.7 overall performance score including an A for culture, an A- for product and value. The Best in KLAS report highlights both the ranked and not ranked solutions in each category, enabling providers to understand the broad options of solutions per category.

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Azalea Health Partners with MD Revolution to Empower Healthcare Providers with Integrated Remote Care Management Programs

February 9th, 2022

Azalea Health’s growing network of healthcare providers can now access comprehensive CCM and RPM solutions through RevUp, MD Revolution’s newly integrated application.

Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health or Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced their integration with RevUp by MD Revolution, a provider of full-suite Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) solutions. Available soon on the AzaleaApps Marketplace, the newly integrated RevUp application enables providers to remotely monitor and manage care for patients living with chronic conditions through comprehensive technology and clinical programs as a service, to reach more patients in less time, in the comfort of their home and without disrupting current workflows.

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Privacy, Security, and Compliance in 2022

January 3rd, 2022

Coming out of the worse years for healthcare and security breaches, healthcare will continue to be a target for cyber theft and attacks in 2022. Experts are warning to not let your guard down and be prepared with the tools and solutions available to help stay cyber safe. Continuing education of staff will also be a must. We have rounded up our experts to discuss what we might see in 2022.

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Equitable Health in Populations is Well Overdue in 2022

January 1st, 2021

Like many other areas of healthcare, the pandemic has shown us what the wizard behind the curtain really is. And it hasn’t been pretty. To right the ship with the goals of a truly healthy population, health equity must be addressed in the forefront. These health IT experts aren’t just predicting this but insisting it. As tradition, we have rounded up the industry leaders that have thoughts and predictions for what we might see in the new year.

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Health IT Marketing Predictions

December 27th, 2021

What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? This month for our roundup on health IT marketing we decided to round up our marketing experts and tell us what we might see in the new year. Here is what we found out.

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What Can Alleviate the Plight of Rural Pharmacies?

December 27th, 2021

The health problems of rural areas are alarming and increasing: consider the loss of clinicians, populations increasingly dominated by older people with chronic conditions, a high incidence of substance abuse, depression caused by isolation, and more. Now add to that the closures of pharmacies. It’s just getting too difficult to keep an independent, rural drug store staffed and financially afloat.

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Azalea Health Shows That Telehealth Needs More Than the Cloud

December 22nd, 2021

There’s fierce competition in the telehealth space, which is good because each company can approach telehealth from different angles and try out a variety of services. Azalea Health is one of the vendors offering a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) platform with online scheduling, telehealth, payments, and analytics, all in the cloud. To make this work takes more than a big portfolio of services: it requires the right attitude—especially since they are making a special bid for the rural provider market, which has diminished resources (both financial and human) and has been suffering for years.

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Digital Transformation in 2022

December 21st, 2021

Digital Health is using technology to help improve people’s health and wellness. Our healthcare industry has be digitally transforming for decades now. But the sheer volume of data we are collecting now is driving innovation that can be called revolutionary or evolutionary. And there is nothing stopping it continuing into next year. As tradition, we have rounded up the industry leaders that have thoughts and predictions for what we might see in the new year when it comes to digital transformation. And join us for the next few weeks as we look at what we might see in 2022.

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Why the Infrastructure Deal and American Rescue Plan Are Life Buoys for Floundering Hospital

December 12th, 2021

Baha Zeidan, CEO of Azalea Health, gives his take on the infrastructure legislation and the benefits it can provide for patient access to quality care, especially in traditionally underserved communities.

With President Biden’s signature this past November, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, or the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, finally made its port of call in the U.S. In doing so, it immediately began offloading its cargo of more than $1 trillion in spending designed to raise the tide on which the prospects for a better quality of life for all in this country float. While the infrastructure deal doesn’t explicitly earmark dollars for the U.S. healthcare system, a good deal of spending will directly contribute to patient access to quality care, especially in traditionally underserved communities.

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Azalea Health Shares Predictions for Rural Healthcare IT in 2022

November 17th, 2021

Rural providers will be more vulnerable than ever to both labor shortages and cyberattacks, but there are opportunities to embrace consumerism and address social determinants of health.

“For many providers, the pandemic has been a catalyst for changes that likely needed to happen anyways,” said Baha Zeidan, CEO and co-founder of Azalea Health. “In the face of new and long-standing challenges, rural providers in particular will have an opportunity to adapt in ways that will position their organizations for future success and stability. Solutions enabling digital transformation will play a key role here, and providers will need to make strategic investments that reap returns for years to come, particularly in cybersecurity, analytics and cloud-based platforms.”

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CIBC Innovation Banking Announces $30 Million Financing Solution for Azalea Health

October 14th, 2021

CIBC Innovation Banking is pleased to announce a $30 million credit facility for Atlanta-based Azalea Health (“Azalea”). Azalea will use the capital to aid in its recent acquisition of dashboardMD, a cloud-based provider of business intelligence reporting solutions and healthcare analytics.

The Azalea platform provides electronic health records integrated with telehealth functionality, revenue cycle management, and mobile health applications. As a modern, fully cloud-based SaaS solution, Azalea delivers tangible value to customers through lower total costs, shorter implementations, better configurability and interoperability, and an improved user experience over traditional on-premise solutions. Azalea serves a variety of ambulatory, inpatient, and specialty care settings, with a history of innovation for rural, community, and urban settings in the US.

“Incorporating dashboardMD’s analytics capabilities in our clinician-friendly EHR will empower providers to better manage clinical quality measures and have enhanced visibility into their revenue,” said Azalea Health CEO, Baha Zeidan.

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Healthcare Dealmakers—Intermountain, SCL Health’s 33-hospital merger; Invitae’s $325M Ciitizen acquisition

October 6th, 2021

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions are in no short supply as providers, health tech companies, payers and other industry players look to expand their businesses and gain a competitive edge. Here’s a roundup of new deals that were revealed, closed or called off during the month of September.

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Deals Continued to Surge in Summer Months

October 6th, 2021

In Q3, the health care sector continued to see a frenzy of merger and acquisition activity as providers, payers, life science and health IT companies announced major deals. According to an analysis from consulting and advisory firm KPMG, there were 252 deals in the health care sector in August alone, a huge jump from the 161 transactions the previous year. On the digital health front, according to Rock Health, “Q3 2021 was the largest quarter to date for digital health M&A activity with 79 deals in which a digital health company was acquired or underwent a merger.  

These trends in health care mirror a trend that is being seen across the globe in all sectors, as companies plan to recover from the pandemic with capital to spend. Willis Towers Watson says that “deal volume in the last three months is the second highest recorded for a third quarter” and as companies move away from the economic impact of last year’s lockdowns, they are looking “to bulk up and address the vulnerabilities it exposed.” 

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Azalea Health Acquires dashboardMD for Improved Analytics

September 20th, 2021

On Sept. 8, EHR vendor Azalea Health announced its acquisition of dashboardMD, a provider of BI reporting and healthcare analytics.

This union of cloud-based software solutions gives healthcare providers the ability to draw actionable insights straight from the electronic health records, leading to better patient outcomes through technology and data-augmented care.

dashboardMD’s President and CEO Jose Valero will assume a new role as Director of Analytics, and Azalea’s Co-Founder and CEO Baha Zeidan will remain CEO. The teams from both companies will be merged once the deal closes.

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12 things to know about the biggest EHR vendors

September 17th, 2021

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on hospital operations, EHR purchasing activity saw an uptick in 2020. Epic, for example, saw its most successful year since 2015, when the company landed contracts with 144 hospitals, according to the KLAS Research “U.S. Hospital Market Share 2021” report.

Here are 12 things to know about the EHR market and top vendors:  

  1. KLAS named Epic its 2021 Best in KLAS Overall Software Suite, the 11th year in a row the company has earned the distinction.
  2. More small standalone hospitals switched to Cerner than any other EHR company. Nineteen such hospitals inked contracts with Cerner, while Meditech landed nine. CPSI, Epic and Azalea Health landed seven, four and two, respectively.

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With resources scarce in many rural areas, security leaders struggle to properly protect health systems

September 17th, 2021

Securing health care is an uphill battle with providers balancing the need to drive innovation with simultaneously keeping patients safe from security and privacy risks. But the challenges facing small, rural, and other under-resourced providers are burdensome when many lack the budgets and staff to adequately secure the network.

With gaps in staffing and overall understanding, training programs around cyber could have a large impact to rural health providers, explained Baha Zeidan, founder and CEO of Azalea Health. Many of these hospitals already have ample training around patient privacy.

But providers should take it up another step to train the front desk, billing, and clinical staff on the basics of cybersecurity on an ongoing basis to elevate the cyber posture of the entire organization. Zeidan noted that it should follow similar processes for patient privacy and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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Azalea Health Acquires Data Analytics Vendor dashboardMD to Deliver EHR-Based Business Intelligence

September 9th, 2021

Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health or Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced its acquisition of dashboardMD, an innovative cloud provider of business intelligence reporting solutions and healthcare analytics. The acquisition pairs two visionaries of healthcare IT in a shared pursuit of better patient outcomes through technology- and data-augmented clinical care.

Azalea Health is best known for leading the disruption in the electronic health record (EHR) market with its fully interoperable, cloud-based EHR solution, including telehealth and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, to provide end-to-end patient management from intake to after-care, with easy coding and billing support along the way. According to KLAS, Azalea was one of only two EHR providers to gain market share during the pandemic in 2020.

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Latest investments: Intelerad, Azalea Health, Solv & more

September 9th, 2021

Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health or Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced its acquisition of dashboardMD, an innovative cloud provider of business intelligence reporting solutions and healthcare analytics. The acquisition pairs two visionaries of healthcare IT in a shared pursuit of better patient outcomes through technology- and data-augmented clinical care.

Azalea Health is best known for leading the disruption in the electronic health record (EHR) market with its fully interoperable, cloud-based EHR solution, including telehealth and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, to provide end-to-end patient management from intake to after-care, with easy coding and billing support along the way. According to KLAS, Azalea was one of only two EHR providers to gain market share during the pandemic in 2020.

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Healthcare cybersecurity under attack: How the pandemic affected rural hospitals

September 6th, 2021

Ever since it started, the pandemic has greatly affected the overall threat landscape, with different organizations falling victims to cyberattacks. Understandably, those who had been hit the most were the healthcare organizations. The change in their workflow has created new vulnerabilities and enhanced old ones, making tham an easy target for cybercriminals. Large institutions somehow managed to keep afloat, but what about small rural hospitals?

In this interview with Help Net Security, Baha Zeidan, CEO at Azalea Health, talks about how rural hospitals have been affected by the pandemic and what steps they should take to boost their cybersecurity posture.

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Azalea Health Innovations Ranks No. 2,846 on Inc. 5000, Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

August 21st, 2021

Azalea Health appeared on the list for the 4th time, with three-year revenue growth of 138% driven by strong customer support for underserved healthcare providers during the pandemic. “We’re tremendously proud to be back on the Inc. 5000, especially after such a punishing year for healthcare,” said Baha Zeidan, CEO and co-founder of Azalea Health. “Thank you to all our employees who made this achievement possible. Your tireless dedication to rethinking and innovating health IT for the needs of all healthcare providers has made this possible. And thank you to our clients who have been with us on this journey. We will continue to put your needs first and innovate with you to make our solutions work for you.”

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Progressive Therapeutics allays telehealth security concerns with EHR integration

July 19th, 2021

The practice was an early adopter of telehealth back in 2010, implementing it as a way to care for people unable to attend in-person sessions. At first, caregivers were using WebEx and Google Hangouts. These apps got the job done, but they were disjointed. Staff would have to juggle multiple windows between the EHR and the video call; it wasn’t a smooth operation. Nor was it HIPAA-compliant, a major concern.

Progressive Therapeutics found vendor Azalea Health, which offered a proposal for an EHR solution that came fully integrated with telehealth.

“This integration meant that the telehealth would be just as HIPAA-compliant as the EHR,” Shah explained.

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Azalea Health’s EHR Innovations Gain Industry Recognition and Grow Market Share

June 30, 2021

Despite the pandemic, a recent KLAS Research report found that EHR purchasing was up in 2020, and Azalea Health was the only EHR technology vendor other than Epic to grow its share of the market in 2020, gaining a net of four new acute hospitals, including DeWitt Hospital in DeWitt, Arkansas. In fact, Azalea was recognized as the 20th fastest growing lower middle market company in Georgia in the recent Georgia Fast 40 awards. This rapid growth caught the attention of LLR Partners, who invested in Azalea in March.

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Azalea Health – Providing Best-In-Class Cloud-Based EHR platform for Healthcare Sector

June 2021

The cloud has many benefits for businesses-but it is also making advances in the medical industry, becoming a vital tool for healthcare professionals everywhere. In the healthcare industry, lots of data is created regularly. The need of the hour is to make this data remotely, securely accessible for providers and patients.

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5 Best HealthTech Solution Providers to Watch 2021

June 2021

Azalea Health is a leading provider of interoperable cloud-based solutions and services. The Azalea platform provides electronic health records with integrated telehealth functionality as well as personal health records and mobile health applications.

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Azalea Health Wins Globee® in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards® for COVID-19 Response

June 22nd

Azalea Health Innovations (Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, announced today that it has been named the Gold winner for the “Best Technology to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19” category in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards® by The Globee® Awards, organizers of world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists. These prestigious global awards recognize information technology and cyber security vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions, and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of technology and cyber security.

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Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – May 2021

June 3rd

Most Played Radio Episode in May

From Value-Based Care Insights, host Daniel J. Marino, Partner of Lumina Health Partners, talks to Ericka Adler, Partner at Roetzel & Andress. Ericka shares tips on how physicians and providers can better understand contracts to drive better compensation.

Most Read Thought Leader Posts in May

The State of Advanced Analytics in Healthcare: Seven Industry Leaders Speak Out
By Peyman Zand, Vice President, CereCore
Twitter: @CereCore

Healthcare CIOs face increasing pressure to implement advanced analytics at virtually every turn. According to a recent State of the CIO Survey by IDG, twenty-five percent of IT leaders plan expect advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive their technology investments in 2021. Continue reading…

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How top EHR vendors ranked in hospital beds gained, lost in 2020

May, 19th

While 2020 was not Epic’s largest year for EHR market share growth, the Verona, Wis.-based EHR vendor gained more hospital contracts and beds than its competitors for the year, according to a recent KLAS Research report. 

For its “U.S. Hospital Market Share 2021” report, KLAS examined EHR purchasing activity and contracts across the country from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020. This includes EHR market share data for acute care specialty hospitals and other specialty hospitals. 

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Cerner slips 2nd year but holds dominance alongside Epic for EHR market share 

May, 19th

While Cerner’s hold of the EHR market share dropped for the second consecutive year, the EHR vendor still maintained the second largest share after Epic for acute care hospitals in 2020. 

For its “U.S. Hospital EMR Market Share 2021” report, KLAS Research examined EHR purchasing activity and contracts across the country from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020. 

Cerner saw its first decrease in acute care market share in 2019, falling by 0.2 percent.

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Epic Systems Dominates 2020 EHR Implementation Market Share

May, 19th

Only Epic Systems and Azalea Health had a positive net change in EHR implementation market share during 2020.

According to the report, over the last five years, Epic averaged 90 hospital additions. In 2020 Q1 alone, the vendor added 37 hospitals and slightly under 7,000 beds in one significant win.

Azalea Health was the only other EHR vendor to have a net positive change in hospital market share with a four-hospital increase. Allscripts lost one hospital, MEDITECH lost nine hospitals, CPSI and MEDHOST both lost 12 hospitals, while Cerner lost 19 hospitals.

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Azalea Health Honored as Bronze Stevie® Award Winner in 2021 American Business Awards® for Response to COVID-19

May 7th, 2021

Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (Azalea Health) today announced it was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Most Valuable Corporate Response to COVID-19 category in the 19th Annual American Business Awards®.

More than 3,800 nominations – a record number – from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Startup of the Year, Executive of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Virtual Event of the Year, and App of the Year, among others. Azalea Health was nominated in the Most Valuable Corporate Response category for the COVID-19 Response Awards.

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Azalea Health Wins “Best Electronic Health Record Solution” Designation in 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program

May 7th, 2021

Azalea Health Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced that it has been selected as the winner of the “Best Electronic Health Record Solution” award in the fifth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

Azalea Health’s cloud-based, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) platform is easy to use, efficient, and manageable, revolutionizing the EHR to fill in the gaps that legacy solutions leave behind and facilitate better patient outcomes.

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Understanding EHR Adoption, Use With Medical Specialties

May 7th, 2021

From cardiology, neurology, and behavioral health, EHR adoption, use, and satisfaction vary between medical specialties.

An EHR system does not automatically optimize to each specific medical specialty. In fact, EHR adoption, usability, and satisfaction differ significantly across medical specialties.

According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nationwide EHR survey, office-based cardiologists and neurologists have the highest EHR adoption rates by specialty, at 95.6 percent and 94.5 percent, respectively. Urology (94 percent), general surgery (93.8 percent), orthopedic surgery (93.2 percent), and general/family practice (92.7 percent) have the next highest EHR adoption rates.  

On the other hand, behavioral health providers and psychiatrists have the lowest adoption rate at 61.3 percent. Dermatologists also rank low at 70.2 percent.

EHRs are one of the top clinician burnout drivers, especially among specialists who might need different EHR functions. Health IT experts have said this difference should reflect in EHR implementation and optimization.

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Health IT companies receiving 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards

May 6th, 2021

MedTech Breakthrough Awards released its 2020 winners, recognizing top achievements in today’s health, fitness and medical technology industries.

Here are the 2021 winners recognized for their achievements in the health IT field:

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EHR vendor helps customize system for St. Anthony’s psychiatric hospitals

May 4th, 2021

The behavioral health facilities are moving from paper to EHR, and are ensuring everything works for their clinicians in the process.

St. Anthony’s health system operates two behavioral health hospitals in Wichita and Olathe, Kansas. It focuses on adults older than 50, particularly those with mental health challenges such as dementia delusional disorders and generalized anxiety disorders.

It provides both inpatient and outpatient services, with a multidisciplinary team of nurses, psychiatrists, social workers and group therapists. 

St. Anthony’s is operated by Axiom Healthcare Services and works closely with the 12 other Axiom facilities for seniors in Kansas and Colorado.

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Azalea Health Selects PatientPing to Support Hospitals in Compliance with New CMS Electronic Event Notification Condition of Participation

March 31st, 2021

Azalea Health Innovations, a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced a partnership with PatientPing, the nation’s leading care coordination data and software solution, to connect PatientPing’s national network of healthcare providers with Azalea Health’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform, AzaleaONE™. The integration will be included in an automatic update to AzaleaONE, improving care coordination efforts and supporting hospitals in meeting compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)’s electronic event notification (e-notification) Condition of Participation (CoP).

In May 2020, CMS published the Interoperability and Patient Access final rule, which added a new CoP that requires hospitals to alert primary care providers (PCPs) and post-acute care providers (PACs) when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred from the emergency department (ED) or inpatient services. The deadline for hospitals to comply with the new CoP is May 1st, 2021.

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Azalea Health: Reaching Underserved Communities

March 26th, 2021

Azalea Health’s recent investment will help expand their services to reach rural parts of the US…

Cloud-based health IT provider Azalea Health is growing fast, and last year topped KLAS Research’s annual list of emerging health IT vendors. We take a look at this company on the rise. 

Azalea Health has a large portfolio of services, including EHR, electronic prescribing, lab ordering and results, revenue cycle performance services and population health management. Its cloud-based, interoperable SaaS solution integrates these capabilities in one system, making it well suited to the needs of small and midsize hospitals in rural parts of the US and other underserved communities, who have fewer IT resources than their larger counterparts.  

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Azalea Health Expands COVID-19 Essentials Pack to Support Vaccination for Community Healthcare Providers

March 25th, 2021

Azalea Health Innovations, Inc. (Azalea), a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, today announced an expansion to their COVID-19 Essentials Pack that includes new features to track vaccinations and seamlessly report them to state agencies. The interoperable platform can also be easily integrated with patient engagement solutions to support vaccination outreach. As new variants raise the stakes for vaccination, the EHR update enables real-time immunization reporting and more efficient vaccine distribution, while relieving the administrative burden on overwhelmed clinicians.

The new features in the COVID-19 Essentials Pack make it easy for community health providers to track their vaccine inventory and add patients’ vaccination status to their medical history. Azalea’s interoperable solution means vaccination reports can automatically be sent to state registries if providers choose to, enabling public health officials to allocate vaccines more effectively. The Essentials Pack previously updated the EHR with COVID-19 diagnosis codes to add to patients’ medical history, COVID-19 lab codes for billing, and a COVID-19 assessment questionnaire module for syndromic surveillance that can be plugged into Azalea’s customizable EHR workflows.

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Private Equity – February 2021 Investment Trends

March 19th, 2021

The trending private equity investment sectors for February 2021 are highlighted below with a few example transactions:


LLR Partners invested in Azalea Health (Atlanta, GA, US),  a cloud-based electronic health record and patient engagement solution, including integrated telehealth functionality, revenue cycle management and mobile health applications.

NewSpring Capital invested in Deposco (Alpharetta, GA, US),  a provider of cloud-based omnichannel fulfillment software solutions.

New Heritage Capital invested in FMS Solutions (Ft Lauderdale, FL, US),  provides SaaS-based business process outsourcing for independent grocers and multi-unit retailers.

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Private equity pushes into healthcare: 6 recent deals

March 15th, 2021

The healthcare sector is drawing interest from private equity investors this year, with six deals announced since March 2. 

1. LLR Partners invested in Azalea Health, an Atlanta-based provider of cloud-based EHR and patient engagement software to health organizations. 

2. PromptCare, a portfolio company of The Halifax Group, acquired NBN Infusions, a Cherry Hill, N.J.-based provider of home infusion and respiratory therapy services. 

3. Beverly Capital acquired The Eye Health Group, a provider of eyecare services in New Jersey and New York. 

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Q1 2021 Health IT/Digital Health PC/VE, M&A, IPOs/ SPACs Activity

March 12th, 2021

The first quarter of 2021 has been one of investor optimism as the vaccine rollout continues ahead of expectations and economic activity begins to accelerate in response.  Within the Health IT industry, the already strong investment and M&A trends seen in 2020 have only accelerated.  Over the course of the quarter, we observed $7 billion in private equity and venture capital investment across 158 companies. 

By comparison, Q1 of 2020 saw $3.2 billion and 127 investments.  Health IT M&A activity has also been strong in the first quarter, with 114 transactions observed compared to just 88 in Q1 of 2020.  The gradual loosening of pandemic restrictions and government stimulus both promise to continue to fuel this strong market activity into Q2 and into the future.

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LLR Partners Completes Investment in Cloud-based Health IT Innovator Azalea Health

March 2nd, 2021

LLR Partners today announced an investment in Azalea Health, a rapidly growing provider of cloud-based electronic health record and patient engagement solutions for inpatient and outpatient community health organizations. The capital will support CEO Baha Zeidan and the Azalea management team as they invest in further product innovation, pursue continued organic growth and explore acquisition opportunities.

“LLR brings 20 years of experience helping healthcare technology businesses grow,” said Baha Zeidan, Co-founder and CEO of Azalea Health. “The LLR team’s support through capital, industry expertise and value creation resources will help us continue to transform the continuum of care with a ‘one patient, one record’ approach that drives better outcomes for patients and providers alike.”

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To E(HR) or not to E(HR)

February, 17th

The rising class of digital health provider organization are starting small, but may unlock the future of healthcare’s least favorite software. Telehealth has untethered care from brick and mortar walls. Startups focusing on chronic and ongoing care conditions like diabetes, musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, and mental health have reinvented what care in those disciplines looks like, offering patient-friendly tools. For every flavor of primary care, there seems to be a new startup intent on using technology to break the wheel of the status quo: a spectrum spanning direct primary care, Medicare Advantage, value-based care, or concierge medicine. Simply put, a ton of the most exciting and newsworthy organizations fit this mold.

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Fcc Rural Broadband Funding Is A Step Forward, But not Enough

February, 11th 2021

Pandemic-boosted telehealth will persist and provide a reliable revenue stream to rural health systems, yet infrastructure investment is needed to boost Internet access. The last few weeks have brought good news and bad news for the health of rural America. On a positive note, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) awarded $9.2 billion to expand broadband access to more than 10 million rural Americans to close the digital divide.

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Trends in Teledentistry

January, 26th 2021

Virtudent launched Virtudent Connect, our teledentistry solution, in March of 2020 as a response to the pandemic to provide access to care to our patients. When the American Dental Association recommended that dental offices should halt non-emergency care, we felt it imperative to our mission to ensure that we had a solution that enabled all to have access to high-quality care in a safe environment. Telehealth, always a component of our model, rose to the forefront. As the pandemic has continued, we have seen the usage of our platform continue to grow and become essential to reaching new and existing patients in need of dental care.

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How Telehealth is Making Healthcare More Inclusive for Millions

January, 19th 2021

In the year since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, telemedicine — healthcare appointments and consultations provided at home through video conferencing and mobile apps — has increasingly become the norm.

To avoid long stays in waiting rooms, and out of caution over risk of possible COVID-19 exposure, people have viewed telehealth appointments as a method of maintaining contact with their health providers while staying safe.

Beyond the appeal of attending a doctor’s appointment from the comfort and safety of home, the telehealth phenomenon has, in some instances, made healthcare approachable and more accessible to people often stigmatized from the traditional medical system.

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Smaller Hospital’s New EHR Helps It Achieve a 5-Star CMS Rating

January, 14th 2021

Physicians were frustrated by the cumbersome user experience of their EHR, which made for endless clicking and time-consuming documentation. Many felt like the EHR had been designed more for regulatory compliance and billing than for improving patient care.

The EHR also was exorbitantly expensive, executives said, especially for a smaller hospital like LADMC. It was an on-premises solution, as well, so there were significant IT, maintenance and consulting costs involved.

“Another problem was that our EHR wasn’t interoperable with other EHR systems,” said Dilip Niranjana Jay, IT administration lead at LADMC. “As an inner city hospital, a lot of our patients are not seeing our hospital exclusively. If a patient’s medical data was with a hospital whose EHR wasn’t interoperable with ours, it would be difficult to get a complete picture of their medical history, impeding our ability to ensure continuity of care.”

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5 Healthcare Companies That are Helping US Fight COVID-19 Part 2

January, 11th 2021

As we start vaccinating frontline workers and at-risk populations across the world, it seems that the end is in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a multitude of technologies, old and new, to thank for helping humanity make it through this crisis.

From artificial intelligence (AI) applications to UV light, we’ll discuss five more technologies that are being used to save lives and stop the spread of the virus in this second and final post of our series about COVID-19 technologies. You’ll notice many of the tools we dive into are data-focused, and for good reason: sharing data and analyzing it faster and more efficiently is imperative for humanity to beat this pandemic.

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Optimization: Shaping policy, Adopting technology, and Digesting data 

January, 8th 2021

As telehealth users grow to 40 million + in the United States, systems are focusing on fine-tuning delivery and driving modality efficiencies

Payer Consortium releases Legislative Recommendations

A consortium led the by the non-partisan Catalyst for Payment Reform released its top four recommendations for lawmakers as they consider the post-Covid future of telehealth. The non-profit group (which represents large employers such as AT&T, General Motors and Google) was joined by Mercer and the American Benefits Council in releasing the whitepaper, which can be downloaded here. In it, the group points out that “There is no turning back the clock. Having been steered to virtual healthcare during the pandemic, health plan members will expect virtual visits to continue to be available. In the ongoing shift to more virtual modes of working and conducting business, it is natural they would expect those efficiencies to translate into healthcare delivery.”

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As Demand Surges, Counseling Clinics Learn How to Adjust to Telehealth

January, 5th 2021

Kentucky-based MEBS Counseling shifted to a telehealth platform as the coronavirus pandemic took hold last year. Nine months later, the clinic is still learning about the benefits and challenges.

The coronavirus pandemic forced many counseling centers to transition quickly to telehealth this past year. Some have had an easier time than others in adjusting, but nearly all have learned invaluable lessons in how to deliver virtual care.

“It’s been challenging at times,” says Nikki Fangman, LPCC, executive director of MEBS Counseling, whose Kentucky-based practice went all-virtual in about a week. “We had to shut down our face-to-face services very quickly. A lot of people had to adjust. The first two to four weeks were difficult.”

This affected people on both sides of the platform.

“For me, it was the human connection, that synergy you feel when you’re in the same room with the other person,” she says. “I worried that going online … would lose that.”

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7 Predictions of What Lies Ahead for Health Tech in 2021

December, 14th

Experts say that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital health and virtual care forward by at least three years.

The industry has fast-forwarded in areas like telehealth, remote monitoring, and artificial intelligence and this will cause disruptive changes that will significantly impact the technology market. Many experts, for example, expect that communication and collaboration tools will explode in 2021. 

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3 Types of EHR Training Key for Mitigating Clinician Burden

December, 3rd

According to a KLAS survey, sufficient EHR training may be the key to improving EHR user satisfaction rates.

“We as an industry have an opportunity to improve EHR adoption by investing in EHR learning and personalization support for caregivers,” wrote researchers in the study.

“If health care organizations offered higher-quality educational opportunities for their care providers — and if providers were expected to develop greater mastery of EHR functionality — many of the current EHR challenges would be ameliorated,” researchers stated.

Researchers recommended healthcare industry stakeholders implement standards to ensure clinicians across health systems receive high-quality EHR training. They recommended at least four hours of EHR training to improve EHR satisfaction throughout the industry.

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Regardless of the Presidential Election, These are the 5 Health IT Issues to Watch

November, 5th

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, healthcare IT leaders are setting their sights on key issues they want the federal government to take action on in the next four years.


The first priority: shoring up the nation’s public health data infrastructure, a crucial step to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, according to health IT groups.

“The pandemic has shown that gaps persist in the data that public health authorities receive, such as missing demographic or contact information that can aid in contact tracing efforts or identify hot spots. The government can take steps in January—and even before—to shore up those gaps and prepare the nation’s data infrastructure for an eventual vaccine,” said Ben Moscovitch, project director, health information technology at The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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10 Ways Healthcare Tech Is Helping Combat COVID-19


COVID-19 has seemingly reached into every corner of American healthcare, with new procedures, regulations and safety precautions required to keep patients and caregivers safe and protected from the virus.

“At the peak of the current health crisis, we finalized implementation of a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant EHR (electronic health record) system provided by Azalea Health, which enabled us to connect our clinic and hospital to the state health information exchange to collect and securely store health data from thousands of constituents being tested at the clinic,” he says. Because of efficiency gains, physicians have been able to focus on conducting more tests, he says.

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10 Ways Healthcare Tech Is Helping Combat COVID-19


COVID-19 has seemingly reached into every corner of American healthcare, with new procedures, regulations and safety precautions required to keep patients and caregivers safe and protected from the virus.

“At the peak of the current health crisis, we finalized implementation of a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant EHR (electronic health record) system provided by Azalea Health, which enabled us to connect our clinic and hospital to the state health information exchange to collect and securely store health data from thousands of constituents being tested at the clinic,” he says. Because of efficiency gains, physicians have been able to focus on conducting more tests, he says.

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COVID-19 Stresses Healthcare Data Storage Resources


Healthcare providers are coping with the unprecedented demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with treating their usual patients. On top of that, there’s the additional responsibility of assuring that a rapidly increasing volume of patient and business data is accessible and secure, as many IT staffers work from home.

With all these added responsibilities, “many [healthcare organizations] are beginning to find that their current data storage strategies and resources may not be sustainable,” said Matthew Jackson, a managing director and healthcare IT leader at global consulting firm Protiviti. “As a result, we continue to see an increase in the appetite for, and use of, cloud storage capabilities.”

The pandemic has also made efficient healthcare data sharing a priority. Such data, now often incorporating vast amounts of rich media — particularly video — requires seamless interoperability with electronic health record (EHR) systems. “Fortunately, our Azalea Health EHR checks the boxes as both a cloud-based and interoperable EHR solution,” said IT Admin Lead for The Los Angeles Downtown Medical Center, Dilip Niranjana Jay.

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DeWitt Hospital Remotely Installs Cloud-Based EHR That Helps With COVID-19 Care


When Brian Miller joined DeWitt Hospital as CEO in January 2019, the hospital’s existing EHR from CPSI was sunsetting and the facility had nine months to find a replacement. Miller and staff knew they needed a system that was light on maintenance, updates and support; was able to adjust to different workflows and care levels; and was supported by a team willing to be a partner to the hospital, rather than just another vendor.

Azalea came in with a cloud-based system that minimized IT spend and lift, reduced the need for training and expensive consulting services, and offered an interoperable approach that enabled DeWitt to connect to the SHARE HIE, while also connecting its facilities, so it could easily share patient data across its own network, Miller explained.

“The idea was simple: Azalea would deliver a system that limited the amount of upfront and long-term spend, empowered our hospital staff to customize the solution based on their clinical workflow, and unlocked our data so that we could have a unified view of the patient regardless of the care setting,” he said.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Has Prompted Rural Hospitals To Adopt EHR Platforms


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare institutions across the world have recognized the importance of integrating new technological advances into their existing systems. After the Covid-19 pandemic became a global crisis, US President Trump released an executive order to further expand access to telehealth services during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in rural communities. This prompted healthcare providers in rural areas to turn to cloud-based technologies in order to solve existing problems. Perry Community Hospital, The Heights Hospital, DeWitt Hospital and Alliance Hospital have moved to Azalea Health’s scalable, straightforward, flexible and cost-efficient cloud-based electronic health record platform. 

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Azalea Health EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series

As part of their ongoing series of telehealth interviews with EHR vendors, Healthcare IT Today interviewed Baha Zeidan, Co-founder and CEO of Azalea Health. In this series, they talk with EHR vendors to better understand how they’re approaching telehealth. Are they developing telehealth in house or are they relying on partners? If they have their own in-house telehealth solution, what features does it include? How are they approaching integrating telehealth into their EHR and how will they handle this with partners?

See what Baha had to say!

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How a Rural Hospital Got an Interoperability Boost During COVID-19

When Brian Miller arrived at Arkansas’ DeWitt Hospital a year-and-a-half ago as the CEO, he knew he had to implement a new EHR system. He also knew the rural hospital needed an interoperability boost due to its lack of updated health IT.

“We were just about to launch Azalea Health EHR, then COVID-19 hit,” Miller said. “No more on-site visits were allowed and we were now working the phone, but we never missed a beat. We were able to bill and get claims out the back door.”

“I’ve been through three implementations in the past, but when you throw COVID into the mix and at first it seems impossible, but I can testify that it’s not, because the two teams worked together to get it done.”

Although it was done virtually, Miller explained the EHR vendor was very hands-on and their technology team was able to connect with DeWitt’s IT staff every day to launch the new system during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has changed the world, and I hope that we’ll get back to normality at some point,” concluded Miller. “But when you’ve got an electronic health record system and company that adjust with the changing times, it makes life easier.”

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Many Children Respond Better To Therapists On A Telehealth Screen Than Face-to-Face

That was just one discovery made by MEBS Counseling when COVID-19 accelerated its plans to add telemedicine. Today it’s seeing close to its normal volume of patients with telehealth alone. MEBS already had been using Azalea Health’s electronic health record software since 2014 but early March, MEBS began to look at Azalea’s telehealth system to help facilitate remote patient care. Within 24 hours of the initial COVID-19 National Emergency declaration on March 13, the MEBS team had the telehealth system fully operational. Administrators worked with Azalea Health to pull together supporting documentation and schedule training sessions for providers. Azalea Health also provided the education and resources needed to get providers up to speed on how to use the telehealth app quickly.

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Increasing Cloud Coverage Over Rural America Is a Welcomed Forecast


Roughly 8.6 million Americans live more than 30 minutes from a hospital. For them, broadband can serve as the main gateway to healthcare, providing the primary means for connecting with physicians, information, and resources that would otherwise be unavailable due to distance and isolation. Broadband gaps have been closely associated with high rates of diabetes, obesity, and other chronic conditions that top the list of preventable deaths. Hear what else our CEO Baha Zeidan had to say in his guest article on HealthIT Answers.

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What Rural Hospitals Can Teach Their Urban Counterparts About Patient Engagement

Rural hospitals are grappling with high rates of chronic disease, lack of broadband access, and workforce shortages that are exacerbated by the low pay and professional isolation that are characteristic of rural settings. It is from within this digital divide that rural hospitals have learned so much they can pass along to their urban peers.

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Azalea Listed As #1 Emerging HCIT Company In 2020

The KLAS report, Emerging HCIT Companies 2020, asked organizations to share top innovative or potentially disruptive HIT vendors they have seen or heard about lately and Azalea Health took the top spot.

The report included responses from 341 healthcare professionals from 299 different provider organizations. 

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Atlanta Business Chronicle Q&A With Azalea CEO Baha Zeidan

Atlanta Business Chronicle just named it’s list of Atlanta’s Most Admired CEOs of 2019. They are scheduled to be honored on Aug. 22 at an awards event at The Fairmont. Here’s a Q&A with one of the honorees, Baha Zeidan, co-founder and CEO of Azalea Health who answers questions around organizational trust, leadership and how to prepare for the future.

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Baha Zeidan Makes Atlanta Business Chronicle List of Most Admired CEOs

Atlanta Business Chronicle released their 2019 List of Most Admired CEOs and Azalea Health is proud to announce our very own Baha Zeidan made the list!

Read the full article to see the entire list of honorees.

Azalea Health Mentioned In Coffee With Coker Episode

In this episode of Coffee With Coker, Jeffery Daigrepont, SVP in of Healthcare IT Services, interviews Jose Valero, President and CEO of dashboardMD, a healthcare analytics company. Jeffery and Jose discuss the importance of healthcare analytics and using dashboardMD for population health management and clinical, financial, and operational analytics.

Azalea is mentioned around 10:45! Listen to the full interview below and check out the original article here.

Azalea CEO Baha Zeidan Joins Connor Kimball with AVOXI and Robin Gregg with RoadSync On Atlanta Business Radio

Azalea Health CEO Baha Zeidan joins Connor Kimball with Avoxi and Robin Gregg with Roadsync to speak with Atlanta Business Radio about Azalea’s growth and success over the last 11 years.

Hear Baha share his personal journey from intern, to entrepreneur and CEO of a company with more than 200 employees and four offices.

Baha shares his passion for helping underserved healthcare providers improve patient care and profitability; attributing Azalea’s success to dedication and a strong company culture.

Listen to the full interview below. To skip straight to Baha’s interview, go to 21:51.


VSU, Azalea Health Partner for Software Development Competition

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University’s Department of Computer Science has teamed up with Azalea Health to host Hackathon 2019 on Saturday, Feb. 9, at the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Center for Applied Creativity and Innovation.

Hackathon is open to all currently enrolled high school, college, and university students interested in computer science, engineering, or computer design. During the all-day competition, teams of two to five students will collaboratively develop innovative software applications for use in the healthcare industry — showing off their skills while competing for cash prizes.

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Coding For The Community: Azalea Health Hackathon A Success

A success with community solutions, the sixth annual Hackathon went according to plan.

The Hackathon, held Feb. 9, saw 10 teams, the largest participating number the event has had so far, duke it out by coding the best solution to a problem. This year’s issue, “Coding for the Community,” asked for ways to unite the community.

5 Ways to Beat the Hurdles of Prior Authorizations


Here is some advice to make the process easier to deal with, even though you can’t make it go away.

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Q&A with Baha Zeidan, 2018 40 Under Forty Honoree

Atlanta Business Chronicle has named our 2018 40 Under Forty honorees. The up-and-comers will be celebrated at a sold-out awards event Nov. 8 at the Fox Theatre in Midtown. Here’s a Q&A with one of the honorees, Baha Zeidan, co-founder founder and CEO, Azalea Health:

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Leveraging The Right Support Tools For Rural Behavioral Health Patients

As one study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted, many non-metropolitan areas have a higher percentage of deaths from the five leading causes — cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease and unintentional injuries.

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Azalea Health Named One of Software Advice’s EMR FrontRunners

What is an EMR FrontRunner?

Software Advice has been used by thousands of physicians to sort through the hundreds of EHR software options in the market. Physicians need a third-party they can trust to provide unbiased reviews of software and also help them narrow down the choices to make the selection process more manageable.

In order to be considered for a FrontRunner position, your company must have had at least 20 reviews in the past 18 months. This ensures their information is recent.

EMR FrontRunners also is a unique designation as it is based entirely on real user reviews. Some ratings and awards in the industry are “pay-to-play” or based on “expert” opinion. Software Advice’s EMR FrontRunners is a designation controlled by reak physicians, practice admins, and billers. They share their honest feedback on the software and the cumulation of those ratings determines an EMR FrontRunner’s score.

Azalea Health is happy to report a 4.13 out of 5 Usability score. Our focus when designing our EHR is fewer clicks and an intuitive, modern design. Sounds like our users agree that we are on target with that goal.

Additionally, Azalea Health received the highest Recommended score among Enterprise vendors, 4.3 out of 5. Our client team works hard to ensure our customers are happy with not only the software but also the results they see from it.

We would like to thank all customers that submitted feedback. We are truly happy to hear you find our EHR user-friendly and recommendable.

If you are looking into a new EHR vendor, head over to Software Advice to read the full report and scores. We would love to chat with you and show you Azalea Health’s EHR.

What Rural Health Facilities Need to Survive in 2018 and Beyond

by Baha Zeidan, Azalea Health CEO

Halfway through 2018, rural health facilities are seeing lots of new opportunities emerge within the larger national push toward value-based care.

But for most of these organizations, 2018 is also rife with challenges: Recent data published by the Chartis Center for Rural Health revealed 41 percent of rural hospitals faced negative operating margins this past year, stemming from specific states lack of Medicaid expansion, a lack of primary-care provider availability, and other factors. Another recent study, commissioned by 340B Health, reveals that while 340B DSH Hospitals represent only 38 percent of acute-care hospitals, they are still responsible for 60 percent of the nation’s uncompensated and unreimbursed care, to the tune of more than $26 billion.

If that weren’t enough, rural health organizations already treat a disproportionately higher number seniors and military veterans than their urban contemporaries. By all accounts, this trend will continue. And by 2050, the number of Americans age 55 and older is projected to reach 88.5 million, or double today’s population, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

All of these high-level factors trickle down to patients and are correlated with an organization’s ability to serve them in the best way possible. The sooner rural health facilities can tackle their operational, clinical, and financial issues, the better off they’ll be long term….

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Azalea Health Services Increase Reimbursement for 265 Ambulatory Providers: 5 Quick Facts

Practices using Azalea Health’s revenue cycle management and billing services reported lower claim rejection rates and quicker reimbursement turnaround than industry averages.

Azalea collected results from 265 community-based practices using the company’s revenue cycle management services in the first quarter of 2018.

Here are five quick facts:

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MedTech Breakthrough Announces Winners of the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program

MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market, today announced the results of its 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program, showcasing technologies and companies that drive innovation and exemplify the best in medical and health related technology solutions across the globe.

“With advancements in medical and health technology that include developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and medical data analytics, the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program garnered an impressive set of award nominees that are delivering “break through” digital health experiences for health systems and patients alike,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, MedTech Breakthrough. “There’s no question that our 2018 awards program winners represent extraordinary MedTech industry leadership and we are thrilled to recognize this year’s MedTech Breakthrough Award winners. Congratulations to the winners on your well-deserved industry recognition.”

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Rural America’s Healthcare Is At-Risk

Sixteen percent of Americans – over 51 million people – live in an area defined as rural. But while many of these Americans are insured, they face significant challenges to access healthcare services compared to their urban counterparts.

With regulatory and quality requirements rolling out and reimbursements threatened, critical access hospitals (CAHs) and community hospitals are fighting to remain financially viable in order to continue to serve their patients. Without these facilities in rural communities, overall community healthcare and economic conditions will decline.

The right technology is finally starting to reach these remote areas, so that these hospitals can stay competitive, financially healthy and stabilize as pillars of their communities.

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5 Tactics to Tackling Rural Health Challenges with Telemedicine

A woman living in a rural community has a low-risk pregnancy. Unable to make her outpatient visits to see her OB, she is provided the option to leverage telehealth to safely carry to term. Throughout her pregnancy, the patient and doctor meet via a mobile-based telehealth service. Twice, a medical assistant visits the patient to obtain blood work and complete an ultrasound.

Or, a mother of four believes her child is sick; however she is hesitant to take her family to the doctor for fear of exposing the children to the flu germs that are pervasive throughout the country. She instead makes a telehealth appointment with her doctor to have her daughter’s cough evaluated…

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Analyzing EMR Data Key To Increasing Referrals, Providing Benefit To Patients & Health Systems


With electronic medical records, physicians and hospital leaders have access to reams of data, much more so than in the past — even too much, in some cases. Turning that data into actionable change can be challenging, but with the right approach, EMR data can be used to increase referrals to hospitals, imaging centers, standalone clinics and even individual specialists.

Typically, those who receive the most referrals belong to health systems or networks that partner with a vendor, one that sifts through the data and identifies opportunities for both financial and clinical improvement. There are a lot of vendors in the space, from Compulink and MediTouch to CureMD and Azalea Health, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

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Software Contest Slated


Valdosta State University’s Department of Computer Science has teamed up with Azalea Health to host Hackathon 2018 Saturday, Feb. 17, at the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Center for Applied Creativity and Innovation.

Hackathon is open to all currently enrolled high school, college and university students interested in computer science, engineering or computer design, according to university officials.

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VSU, Azalea Health Partner for Software Development Competition


VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University’s Department of Computer Science has teamed up with Azalea Health to host Hackathon 2018 on Saturday, Feb. 17, at the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Center for Applied Creativity and Innovation.

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Azalea Health Interview at HealthIT Leadership Summit


Reeya Patel, MPH, Associate Director of Health Insights, and Jessica Lewis Cook, Director of Ambulatory Sales, from Azalea Health discuss the company’s participation in the HealthIT Leadership Summit.

In the interview they describe significant topics brought up at the conference, such as how the HealthIT industry is changing.

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This Just In: Azalea Health Acquisition of Prognosis


Host Justin Barnes’, aka @HITAdvisor, guest is Baha Zeidan (@BZeidan), Azalea Health (@AzaleaHealth). The two discuss Azalea’s strategic acquisition of Prognosis (Acute EHR), their recent growth and what’s driving that success as well as how Baha see’s healthcare evolving from his thought leader perspective.

Listen here

Azalea Health Can Reach More Rural Patients With Their Digital Health Tools


Though urban areas have their own health challenges, rural areas across the country face a consistent problem: a lack of access to providers. There are less than half the number of physicians per 10,000 people in rural versus urban areas and less than 1/8 the number of specialists per 100,000 people. If you’re sick in a rural area, you’re often faced with a choice of a less-than-ideal generalist practitioner, or expensive and time-consuming travel to get to the specialist you need.

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After Merger, Houston Health Care Company To Hire 50 People Locally


“We’re honored and grateful to have great talent in downtown Houston now, and we will be growing that talent in the new year and the years to come.”

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Rural-Focused Azalea Health Acquires EHR Firm Prognosis Innovation Healthcare


Atlanta-based Azalea Health, a health IT software firm focused on rural practices and mobile tools, has acquired Houston-based EHR company Prognosis Innovation Healthcare. While the terms of the acquisition were not included in the announcement, the companies said in a letter to Prognosis clients that the EHR company will continue to operate underneath Azalea with no major interruptions in services or staffing.

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Azalea Health and Prognosis Innovation Healthcare To Merge, Create EHR for Rural Providers


Atlanta-based Azalea Health merged with Houston-based Prognosis Innovation Healthcare Aug. 31 to establish an EHR that will serve rural and community hospitals.

Prognosis is an EHR provider to rural and community hospitals, while Azalea offers fully-integrated web-based healthcare solutions and services. Under the merger, Azalea will expand its presence into critical access and small community hospitals to deliver a complete continuum of care platform. The company will maintain its headquarters in Atlanta.

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Azalea Health and Prognosis Innovation Healthcare Merge, Targeting Rural Providers

Azalea Health, a web-based healthcare systems and services vendor, is merging with Prognosis Innovation Healthcare, a vendor of an electronic health records system targeting rural and community hospitals.

Azalea’s expertise is in the cloud-based IT, billing and reporting space for rural health clinics and hospitals. Leveraging the integration of the Prognosis inpatient EHR system will enable Azalea to expand its presence into the 50 or fewer bed hospital space to deliver a complete continuum of care platform to an expanded rural market segment-

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Telehealth: Taking Your Practice to Your Patients

The verdict is in; the fight to gain—and retain—patients has never been more fierce, and while none of us would devalue “face time” with our healthcare providers, there is certainly something to be said for FaceTime with our providers. It’s not a unique discovery, really. Smart brands and businesses have already long understood the value of engaging with consumers where they most want to receive that interaction—through the web, over the phone—at their fingertips.

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Vigilias Telehealth To Deploy Azalea Health’s Practice Management, EHR & RCM Solutions


Wichita, Kan.-based Vigilias Telehealth is implementing Atlanta-based Azalea Health’s cloud-based practice management, EHR and revenue cycle management services.

Vigilias Telehealth, a multispecialty healthcare company, offers care via proprietary telemedicine technology across the central and southwest United States. It features a network of 40 physicians across 25 specialties.

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Behind the Scenes With Azalea Health’s Baha Zeidan

As the co-founder, CEO and leading force behind new technology development at Azalea Health, Baha Zeidan is a real-life health IT superhero. After graduating from Valdosta State University and climbing the medical laboratory ladder, Baha was ready for a new challenge. Guided by his passion for cloud computing, mobile development, device computing and big data analytics, Baha set off on an epic entrepreneurial journey.

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Technology Executives Roundtable Announces the Addition of Executives From AssureSign, Azalea Health, Frazier & Deeter, and OmniMetrix To Its Board

Azalea Health Lands $10.5M to Expand Its Rural Market EHR

Azalea Health, an Atlanta-based provider of EHRs, practice management, and revenue cycle management solution has raised $10.5 million in funding. The Series B round was led by Kayne Partners with participation from existing investor Intersouth Partners.

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VSU Students Win At Third Annual Hackathon

VALDOSTA –– Twenty-nine students recently gathered at Valdosta State University’s Nevins Hall for the third annual Azalea Health Hackathon.

The students were given a problem to solve and challenged to develop innovative software applications for use in the health care industry in just eight hours.

A panel of judges selected the top three teams based on the innovation/creativity, quality, user-friendliness, accuracy and overall presentation of the final creations, organizers said.

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Azalea Health Featured on GaHIN Press Release for Improving Care at Schools

The Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN), a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating the use and secure exchange of electronic health information, announced that the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth has joined GaHIN to improve care at school clinics. Azalea Health was featured in the press release for donating its its electronic health record (EHR) software, services and training to rural K-12 school clinics in Coffee County, Georgia, where the GaHIN pilot is taking place at 12 schools. Collectively, these organizations are helping to improve the quality of healthcare at schools with telemedicine, especially in rural areas.

Read the full press release here.

Azalea Health Releases Results of 2015 Rural Health IT Strategy Survey

Azalea Health has released the results of the 2015 Rural Health IT Strategy Survey, the first in the industry to focus solely on rural clinics and small hospitals. The survey generated insightful results on topics as diverse as the adoption and practical use of technology, operational needs, regulatory concerns and the overall impact of health IT on the industry.

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Azalea Health Featured in Politico’s Morning eHealth

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This week, Azalea Health was featured on the popular political journalism organization, Politico. As the one of the first surveys in the industry focusing on rural clinics and small hospitals, the results of the 2015 Rural Health IT Strategy Survey were highlighted in Politico’s Morning eHealth Report, a daily report on healthcare technology.

“RURAL HEALTH IT SURVEY: A little more than a third of rural health care providers said in a survey released Thursday that health IT has improved their efficiency and overall business practices. But nearly the same number said that efficiency has come at the cost of significant time and resource commitments. The findings came from Azalea Health’s 2015 Rural Health IT Strategy Survey. About 12 percent of rural practices have either not started to prepare for the transition to ICD-10 or don’t know where they stand. Sixty-five percent are attesting to either Stage 1 or Stage 2 of meaningful use. “

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Azalea Health raises $1.5 million to help integrate SimplifyMD

One area of digital health where consolidation will continue to increase is the realm of cloud based services for physician practices. That includes apps tied to all the usual admin tools from billing to scheduling to prior authorization.

One company that falls into that category is Azalea Health. The health IT company, which acquired Atlanta-based EHR provider SimplifyMD last summer for an undisclosed amount, has raised $1.5 million, according to a Form D filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Azalea Health Honored as “Emerging Company of the Year” at Health IT Leadership Summit

Azalea Health, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare solutions and services, was named the 2014 Emerging Company of the Year awarded by the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) at the 5th Annual Health IT Leadership Summit at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. CEO and Co-founder, Baha Zeidan, received the prestigious Phoenix Award, which recognizes companies and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the growth of the Health IT industry in Georgia.

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Azalea Health VP, Doug Swords, Speaks on Value of Internship Programs

Interns can be beneficial not only to businesses, but also to the business community as a whole.

Doug Swords, now Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management for Azalea Health, knows first-hand the symbiotic value of internship experience, having begun his career in the healthcare IT industry with an internship. “The experience and skills I obtained through that internship helped kickstart my career while paving the way to the creation of Azalea Health,” Swords said. “Today, as an employer, Azalea Health finds tremendous value in employee internships. They have helped shape our organization in countless ways as our interns have moved up to positions of leadership in the company in areas such as software development, marketing, sales, revenue cycle management, client relations, and software training and support.”

Successful programs focus on mutual benefit for employers and interns. Students gain knowledge of business practices, industry patterns, and general operations while learning to develop and implement their ideas. The skills gained help interns to build attractive résumés ripe with experience. While many internships are unpaid, some organizations offer incentives such as transportation stipends or college credit. Employers receive fresh perspective from students who assist with the organization’s workload and often become permanent employees upon graduation. This business model helps to retain local talent while growing business, a winning scenario for students, employers and the business community.

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Merger Shows Health IT Still Blooming in GA

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The merger brings additional staff, customers and software tools to Azalea Health.

Seven years ago, Baha Zeidan and two of his Valdosta colleagues entered a local competition for business plans, looking to build on their idea for a health care software startup.

At the time, the three young men, all graduates of Valdosta State University, were working at a medical lab company in the South Georgia city. The group saw a need for better software for the health care industry, which still was bogged down with paper medical records.

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce awarded them the first prize of $15,000 for their business plan. The contest award also came with legal and other services.

“That was the start of the company,’’ Zeidan said.

The merger underscores the importance of the health IT sector in Georgia, and its broad geographic reach within the state. (Alpharetta is in northern metro Atlanta, while Valdosta is just a few miles from the Florida line.)

According to the Metro Atlanta Chamber, there are more than 250 health IT companies in Georgia, supporting nearly 30,000 jobs.

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