LeonardoMD Sunset Schedule and Best Practices

Access to the legacy LeonardoMD application will be terminated on June 1, 2021 (or once your data has been migrated to Azalea). Between 4/1/2021 and 5/31/2021, all LeonardoMD read-only accounts will be upgraded to Azalea read-only accounts.  Following the upgrade to Azalea read-only accounts, access to each LeonardoMD account will be inactivated. Below you can access important details and resources available to you and your organization.

Read-only customers who have migrated to Azalea Health:

All patient registration detail views will be imported as a patient document in the Azalea Health application. If this has not previously been completed for your practice, we will import all account detail views from LMD into Azalea as patient documents.

Read-only customers who have not migrated Azalea Health:

A new read-only Azalea client site will automatically be created for your practice. Your data from LMD will be migrated to the Azalea Health application. Please see the resources below for best practices and tips.

For customers that have established legacy access to the LeonardoMD software system, please login below.

Exporting data from LeonardoMD or establishing access to the legacy system

Renaissance to Azalea Health Migration Training

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LeonardoMD support has been sunset, but if you need help, please contact Support@azaleahealth.com

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Please bookmark this page and check back often as we list upcoming Azalea client and industry webinar dates to help with your transition, key contacts, and more. We look forward to introducing you to Azalea Health and welcoming you to the Azalea family!